Fessiability of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process

 At present, the increase of agricultural production generally depends on chemical fertilizer. On the one hand, it will cause environmental pollution. In fact, the non-point source pollution in rural areas has become a thorny problem. On the other hand, it will affect the quality of agricultural products. Therefore, people gradually realize that while using chemical fertilizer, it is necessary to increase the proportion of organic fertilizer, especially for economic crops such as vegetables, fruits and tobacco. Using biological fertilizer can increase production, improve quality, protect ecological environment, and make extensive use of urban and rural organic wastes, such as cities. Waste such as garbage, sludge, livestock and poultry manure, orange pole and other wastes are produced with new biotechnology technology to produce bio-fertilizer, thus forming a virtuous circle chain of "grain-fertilizer-grain". Therefore, biological fertilizer has become a new source of fertilizer and a new fertilizer industry for the development of ecological household industry.
Producing the organic fertilizer or bio organic fertilizer using the fertilizer manufacturing process may be a higher efficient method and solution.In a complete fertilizer production line,all types of fertilizer machines can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator or bio organic fertilizer granulator.The complete fertilizer production line around include the fermentation raw material,crushing raw material,mixing raw material and granulating drying screening and so on.

Generally speaking,when producing the organic fertilizer ganulator,we use the raw material mainlt include the pig manure,cow manure,chicken manure and so on;the assistant raw material include the straw,charcoal,grass carbon,rice husks,and so on.
Simplify to talk about the organic fertilizer manufacturing process:Firstly,we need to use the ferment the raw material using the fermentation compost turner machine,then to crush the raw material with the chain crusher  or half wet material crusher machine.Next add the additional material into the material and then mixing them using the horizontal mixer machine or vertical mixer machine.After that,using the fertilizer granulator machine that designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers to make the organic fertilizer ganulator.Next to dry,cool,and screener the fertilizer granualtor.Finally it gets the products.In this process,it also have more detailes need to be done and you can visit our website and know more about the feritlizer production line.