What are the functions of microbial fertilizers?

 The kinds of the fertilizer have many,and every fertilizer play a different role in the planting or farming products.Like the organic fertilizer granulator and the bio organic fertilizer granulator.There,we share more about the microbial fertilizers.
We all know we can produce the fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer manufacturing process,and the working efficient improved so much.And different fertilizer production line is also designed for producing different type fertilizer granulator.The organic fertilizer anf compound fertilizer can be made into granulator by using the fertilizer granulator machine,and the microbial fertilizer also can be made into fertilizer granulator using the machine.The microbial fertilizer is also produced by using the fertilizer producing technology.Before that,we are first to talk more about the functions of microbial fertilizers.
1.Through the life activitiees of these benefical microorganisms,we can fix the molecule nitrogen which can not be utilized in the transformed air,analyse the compound phosphorus and potassium which can not be utilized in the soil so as available phosphorus and potassium,and analyse more than 10 kinds of medium and trace elements in the soil.
2.Through the life activities of these beneficial microorganisms,plant hormones such as auxin,cytokin,gibberellin and so on are secreted.Promote crop growth,regulate crop metasolism,and build high-quality products according to genetic code.
3.A large number of beneficial microorganisms are present in the rhizosphere.
fertilizer machinecompound fertilizer
We can design the bio fertilizer production to make the bio organic fertilizer granulator,we also can use the fertilizer producing technology to make the microbial fertilizer.When making the microbial fertilizer into granulator,we also can use the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine to make the granulator,because this kind of fertilizer granulator machine is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator professionaly.