How to identify crop fertilizer damage?

 The fertilizer is to be used to help the farming products to grow.But sometimes there will produce some fertilizer damage and how we to inentifity?As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,when we produce the fertilizer machines,we also conside more about the fertilizer using and fertilizer producing,in order to produce higher quality fertilizer granulator to the farming products.But sometimes the fertilizer damage still be produced,so how we to identify crop fertilizer damage?The ,main characteristics of crop fertilizer damage are as follows:
1.Dehydration.Excessive application of chemical fertilizers or excessive drought of soil caused excessive local concentration of soil after fertilization,resulting in crop water loss and wilting.
2.Burns.Under the hot sun and high temperature,applying volatile chemical fertilizer(such as ammonium bicarbonate,etc)can burn the leaves or young tissuses of crops?(burning seedings).
npk fertilizer production
3.Posioning.The content of biuret in urea is more than 2% or the content of free acid in superphate is more than 5%.When applied to soil,the root system of crops will be poisoned and rotted.
4.Lag.Applying a large amount of uncooked organic fertilizers,bcause of its decomposition of heat and release of harmful gases such as methane,causes toxicity to the seeds or roots of crops.
The fertilizer manuacturing process help the fertrilizer producer produce the high quality fertilizer granulator to be used.When we produce the fertilizer granulator,we need to choose the suitable fertilizer machines for different raw material,in this way it can help us reduce the damage of the fertilizer produced.Choosing the suitable fertilizer production line,like the npk fertilizer production line to make the npk,compound fertilizer granulator is a directly method to make the granulator.It not can save more time,it also can directly choose the suitable fertilizer machines to make granulator.