How about the bb fertilizer granulator?

 All types of fertilizer can be made by different fertilizer manufacturing process type,and there we will introduce a new kinds of fertilizer that called the bb fertilizer granulator.
What is the bb fertilizer?The name of bb fertilizer comes from the English Bulk blending fertilizer,also known as blending fertilizer,which is a micture of simple fertilizer(or multi-fertilizer)in a certain proportation.
How to produce the bb fertilizer?The bb fertilizer producing is designed a special fertilizer production line that called bb fertilizer production line to make the bb fertilizer granulator.The fertilizer producing process is not so complex to be used to produce the bb fertilizer granulator.Firstly,we just to batch the raw material using the batching system and then using the fertilizer mixer machine ---bb fertilizer blender which the fertilizer mixer machine is designed for the bb fertilizer granulator.After that,using the packing machine to pack the roducts.
bb fertilizer production line
The bb fertilizer production line is designed for producing the granulator is simple and the machine is equipped in the line are also easy to operate.And after producing the bb fertilizer granulator,what characteristics of the bb fertilizer have?
The characteristics of bb fertilizer:bb fertilizer is characterized by easy adjustment of the proportation of nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and trace elements,and can produce various specifications of special fertilizer according to the needs of users,which is more suitable for the needs of soil testing and formula fertilization.
More fertilizer information and fertilizer machines information shar with you in next article,we are as the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only design the fertilizer machine,we also can design the different type fertilizer production line for different customers' requirement.