The introduction of the commpound fertilizer?

Producing the fertilizer can use the fertilizer manufacturing process and for different type fertilizer we can designed the different fertilizer production line type.So how about the compound fertilizer granulator?
What is the compound fertilizer?In a chemical fertilizer,fertilizers containing two or more components of the main elements such as N,P,K are called compound fertilizers.Two main nutrient elements are called binary compound fertilizer,three main nutrient elements are called ternary compound fertilizer,and more than three nutrient elements are called multiple compound fertilizer.Whe producing the npk,compound fertilizer granulator,using the npk fertilizer production line which is designed by the professional engineers.In the line,it is equipped with the different type fertilizer machines,like the fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer granulator machine which we can use the rotary drum granulator machine to make the compound fertilizer granulator is higher efficient and higher yield.

Characteristics of compound fertilizers:
1.Advantages of compound fertilizer:high effictive ingredients,many kinds of nutrients;less by-ingredients,less adverse effects on soil,low production cost and good physical properties.
2.The disadvantage of the compound fertilizer:the production of nutrients is fixed,so it is difficult to meet the different needs of various soils and crops.It is often supplemented and regulated by simple fertilizer.
npk fertilizer production
Different production line used to make different type fertilizer granulator not only improve the working efficient,it also reduces the investment of the labor cost.Because,in the line it almost machines to be operated automatically,it just need a several people to operate the machine in some parts.We are as the professional fertilizer machine manfuacturers which we can design different type fertilizer machines and fertilizer production lines to make different type fertilizer granulator.More fertilizer production lines or fertilizer machines information can be known from the website.