What is the application scope of the new control release fertilizer?

 More new fertilizer is developed and produced by using the fertilizer manufacturing process.What is the new control release fertilizer?How to make it using the fertilizer machines?As the professional fertilizer machine manfuacturers at the same time that learning the fertilizer marketing that we also need to learn more fertilizer type in order to make high quality fertilizer granulator.
What is the application range of new controlled release fertilizer?
New controled-release fertilizer,also known as intelligent,refers to a variety of regulatory mechanisms to make nutrient release in accordancce with the set release mode and the law of nutrient uptake by crops.
Whta are the benefits?
Controlled release fertilizers can also increase production compared with conventional fertilizers under the condition of reducing the amount of fertilizer application by half,and one-timee fertilization can meet the needs of crop growth,with high efficiency,less loss,and also can reduce environmental pollution.At present,more and more attention has been paid to agricultural cleaner production,food quality and ecological environment,which is welcomed and loved by farmers friends.Therefore,the market prospect of controlled release fertilizers is very brod.
The application range of new controlled release fertilizer is very wide.It can be applied not only in non-agricultural fields,such as landscape flowers.landscape lawn,nurseries and horticulture,but also in agriculturee.It can be applied in food crops such as rice,wheat,marize,economic and oilseed crops such as cotton,peanut,rape,soybean,vegetables,fruits and melons such as tomaatoes,cucumbers,watermelons and fruits.
So we can choose the new type fertilizer manufacturing process to make the new controled-release fertilizer.
The roller press granulator production line to be designed for our cutomers to show you,in order to help you know more about the fertilizer manufacturing process of making the fertilizer granulator.

Different type fertilizer production line is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator or compound fertilizer granulator.For example,we designed the bio fertilizer production to make the bio organic fertilizer granualtor.Different type fertilizer production line is designed is releated to the characteristics of the fertilizer.So when we design the new controlled release fertilizer production line,we still to design the machine can meet the needs of the fertilizer characteristics.