What raw material of making water-souble fertilizer?

 All types of fertilizer can be made by the fertilizer manufacturing process,and the water souble fertilizer can also be made  by the fertilizer manufacturing technology.Before talking how to make the water souble fertilizer,we are first to talk about the raw material of making the water souble fertilizer.
Generally speaking,the fertilizer granulator produced by the fertilizer granulator machine can be divided into organic fertilizer granulator and inorganic fertilizer granulator,and the raw material of making the organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer also can be divided into organic raw material and inorganic raw material.Well,the water souble fertilizer is also can be divided into organic water souble fertilizer and inorganic water souble fertilizer.So there are two kinds of water-souble fertilizer raw materials:inorganic water-souble fertilizer raw materials and organic water-souble fertilizer raw materials.The raw materials mainly included these:
Nitrogen fertilizer:The raw materials can be phosphorus nitrate,urea ammonium sulfate,ammonium choride etc.Because the nitrogen fertilizer has strong moisture absorption and can be completely dissolved in water,but sulfate reacts with cacium and magnesium ions in water to produce insoluble sulfate.
Phosphate fertilizer:It mainly includes the industrial grade monoammonium phosphate,industrial grade diammonium phosphate,etc.
Potassium fertilizer:Producing the potassium fertilizer of water souble fertilizer type can be use the potassium nitrate,potassium chloride,potassium sulfate,etc.
Organic water-soluble fertilizer raw materials:Producing the organic water-soluble fertilizer,the raw material that we can use are the amino acids,fulvic acid,sodium humate and so on.
fertilizer powder production line
The big characteristics of the awter-souble fertilizer that it can make the fertilizer solve into the water,and before that we can use the half wet material crusher machine to crush the big and hard raw material and then mixing them in fertilizer mixer machine.
As the fertilizer machine manufacturers of producing and designing the fertilizer machines,and we also design the different fertilizer production line,like the bio fertilizer production is designed for producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator.One of main products in our company is the fertilizer granulator machine,which it is also a factor machine when producing the fertilizer granulator.And nowdays,the new type fertilizer type is also to be designed,and our engineers also are designing the new fertilizer machines and new fertilizer production line to make the high quality fertilizer using more different raw material.