Organic fertilizer granulation equipment meets different requirements

Granulated organic fertilizer production line uses solid organic waste to produce spherical granular organic fertilizer, which can save non renewable resources and protect the environment. It has huge social benefits and conforms to the industrial policy of energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, organic fertilizer was produced by biological fermentation from organic waste, which realized harmless and resource utilization.
Organic fertilizer granulation equipment meets different requirements
On the basis of absorbing, digesting and drawing lessons from the principle of advanced granulators at home and abroad, Huaqiang heavy industry has finally overcome the problems of high temperature sterilization, poor granulation and difficult drying of the existing granulator in the production of biological fertilizer. It has developed a new type of "bio organic fertilizer granulator" with reasonable design, simple structure, normal temperature bacteria protection and smooth granules It has ended the history that organic fertilizer is easier to be dispersed and granulated, and more difficult to reverse the ball. The produced particles have low moisture content and are easy to dry. At the same time, it can also produce feed granules and fill the domestic blank in the field of pelletizing machinery.

Organic fertilizer granulator machine is to control the particle size with the template aperture, the particle size changes the template, the particle size is uniform, smooth, round, high strength, good fluidity, particle forming rate is more than 95%, so the equipment is widely used by people, and has been unanimously affirmed by people, greatly promoting the development of agriculture.