Processing organic fertilizer from livestock manure

The common treatment methods of livestock manure are traditional brick and concrete biogas digester, new simple fermentation bag and biogas fermentation gas holder. Under these modes, the fermentation of livestock manure and the storage of biogas are completed! Of course, for biogas slurry and biogas residue, especially biogas residue can also be used to produce bio organic fertilizer!

Organic fertilizer production line for large-scale farms, livestock manure to produce organic fertilizer in the following ways: extrusion dehydration after aerobic fermentation to produce organic fertilizer! After centralized collection of livestock and poultry manure, dry and wet separation is completed by mechanical dehydration. For dehydrated livestock and poultry manure, the water content rapidly drops from more than 90% to about 60%. This form of livestock and poultry manure can be directly transferred to the fermentation workshop. Aerobic fermentation is carried out in the open air by spraying fermentation bacteria. Generally, it can be decomposed into high-quality organic fertilizer in about half a month ! 
Processing organic fertilizer from livestock manure
The whole process of organic fertilizer production line can be divided into three parts: raw material pretreatment, aerobic fermentation and granulation. The pretreatment of raw materials includes solid-liquid separation, excipient crushing and adjustment of water content, carbon nitrogen ratio and pH value of raw materials. The process of aerobic fermentation includes throwing and ventilation, which can supplement oxygen, control temperature, emit water and recover porosity. Granulation is a systematic project, around the core of granulation of fertilizer granulator machine, there are crushing, batching, mixing and other processes before, and drying, screening, cooling and other processes.