Correlation between organic fertilizer equipment and compound fertilizer equipment

The organic fertilizer equipment and the compound fertilizer equipment are designed for proudcing the organic fertilizer granulator and compound fertilizer granulator.What relationship between the organic fertilizer machine and the compound fertilizer machine?
When talking about organic fertilizer equipment and compound fertilizer equipment,there is another member of fertilizer equipment family that needs to be mentioned:compound fertilizer machine,which are all fertilizer production equipment with strong applicability to their products.Why are there so many names of these fertilizer production equipment?What are the connections behind them?What is the universality?We need to start with the final products they want to produce.
Organic fertilizer raw materials mainly come from plants and animals,which are applied to the soil to provide plant nutriention as the main function of carbon materials.Through the processing of biological substances,animal and plant wastes and plant residues,the toxic and harmful substances are eliminated,which are rich in a large number of benefical substances,including a variety of organic acids,peptides and rich nutrients including nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium.It can not only provide comprehensive nutriention for crops,but also has long fertilizer effect.It can increase and renew soil organic matter,promote microbial reproduction,improve the physical and chemical properties and biological activity of soil,which is the main nutrient for green food production.
As a fertilizer production equipment specialized in processing organic fertilizer raw materials,organic fertilizer equipment which are mainly equipped in the organic fertilizer production line,mainly includes fermentation part and granulation part.In view of the particularity of the source of organic fertilizer raw materials,it is necessary to dehydrate the raw materials such as chicken manure by the chicken manure dehydraator and put them into the fermentation tank for through fermentation to make them harmless,so as to make further use of them.The raw materials itself contains a certain proportation of inorganic elements,coupled with the activity of organic matter,when applied to the soil,it can be more promote the absorption of nutrients by crops,and the nutriention in all aspects is more balanced,avoiding the phenomenon of soil hardening and soil degradation caused by excessive application of chemical fertilizer,so that the soil can also be self repaired in the use process.
Compound fertilizer which to be produced in the compound,npk fertilizer manufacturing process,refers to the chemical fertilizer which contains three elements of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium or only two of them.The compound fertilizer containing any two elements is called binary compound fertilizer,and the fertilizer containing three elements is called temary compound fertilizer.According to the different production process,it can be divided into two types:one is the fertilizer formed only by chemical reaction is called compound fertilizer,the other is the fertilizer produced by chemical method and physical mixing method is called compound fertilizer.In terms of nutrient composition,as long as the nutrient content and composition of the two fertilizers are the same,it should be said that the effect will be better,in fact,this is a wrong understanding.Because the compound fertilizer only uses the physical mixing method to mix all kinds of basic fertilizers together,but according to the estabilished formula,it contains a lot of nutrients.
organic fertilizer production line
Because the difference between compound fertilizer and npk fertilizer in fertilizer efficiency is not very big,the relevant departments of the state issued a new fertilizer production standard in 2002,which unified compound fertilizer into a large category.In terms of production technology,the production cost of compound fertilizer is lower than that of compound fertilizer.As long as the compound fertilizer is fully configured according to reasonable formula,it can be mixed into bb fertilizer equipment and uniformity stirred to produce grnular in the fertilizer manufacturing process,while the production of compound fertilizer needs to provide certain conditions for chemical reaction of raw materials,ad then granulation through  drum.The cost of the procss is much higher than that of compound fertilizer.
Therefore,the application effect of compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer is different.From the end of 1970s to the begining of 1980s,the production of compound fertilizer is in its infancy.The basic fertilizer is produced by the methods of pelletilization,extrusion and powder or particle mixing.But at that time,some professionals objected to this method.They thought that the fertilizer made by physical method could not be called compound fertilizer.In 1994.when the first standard was formulated in China,the name of compound fertilizer was used,which means that this kind of compound fertilizer is made by physical method,which is different from the compound fertilizer made by chemical method or ammoniation granulation process.The common compound fertilizer mainly includes diammonium phosphate,monoammonium phosphate,potassium nitrate,nitrophosphate and dihydrogen phosphate potassium and so on.These compound fertilizers contain two or more elements needed by crops.They have high nutrient content and are mostly granular.Generally,they have small moisture absorption,no caking and good properties.They can improve the bad properties of some simple fertilizers,facilitate the storage and facilitate the mechanized fertilization.They can be used not only  as seed fertilizer,but also as base fertilizer and top dressing.
However,the production process of compound fertilizer is relatively simple.Generally,ure,superphosphate,potassium chloride,etc. are mixed in.The fertilizer nutrients are uneven and can only become compound fertilizer.In the fertilizer manufacturing process of these compound fertilizers,there is no need for expensive and complex chemical  production equipment.The compound fertilizer is made by chemical reaction in the process of production.It needs complex technology and expensive chemical equipment to complete this process.The compound fertilizer is made with uniform nutrient content and uniform particle size.
The video of the compound fertilizer production process:

It is easy to understand the relationship and correlation among organic fertilizer machine,which also can be equipped in the biofertilizer production line,compound fertilizer equipment  by understanding the historical orgi of the three fertilizers.The organic fertilizer equipment has fermentation related equipment for pretreatment of organic fertilizer raw materials.After fermentation and maturity,it is granulated by specifical organic fertilizer granulation mechanism,and then dried,cooled and screened out the finished products for final packaging and wasrehousing.The compound fertilizer machine mostly uses the drum abd other processing equipment to produce particles,and then the finished products are also obtained through drying,cooling,screening and other processes.The compound fertilizer is opften used to process the materials with good proportion by using the opposite roller extrusion granulator.In this way,the suitable formula fertilizer for soil testing can be made by adjusting different formula,so as to obtain more application space.