The reason of organic fertilizer caking

Sometimes,the organic fertilizer to be made,and sometimes,it is easy to be caked.The fertilizer machine manufacturer of organic fertilizer production line tells you the reason of organic fertilizer caking.The manufacturer of organic fertilizer production line said in the previous article how to prevent fertilizer caking.In fact the premise of prevention is to find the cause of caking.Everyont also knows that caking is not conducive to the use of organic fertilizer,and it has a part of influence on its production and utility.Today,I would like to answer why there is caking in organic fertilizer production line of pig manure.
The materials we usually use for fertilizer production,such as ammonium salt,phosphate,microelement salt,potassium salt,etc.most of which contain crystal water and are easy to absorb moissture and agglomerate,such as ammonium sulfate,which is easy to agglomerate when phosphate meets microelements and becomes insoluble in water.WWhen urea meets microelement salt,it is easy to agglomerate when moisture is relased,mainly because urea displaces microelement salt.The crystal water becomes paste and then agglomerates.
2.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,the fertilizer production is generally non closed production.In the production process,the higher the air humidity is,the easier the fertilizer will absorb moisture and agglomerate.If the weather is dry or the raw materials are dried,the fertilizer will not agglomerate easily.
organic fertilizer production line
3.The higher the room temperature of extrusion granulator is,the easier it is to dissolve.Generally,raw materials dissolve in their own crystal water,resulting in caking.When the nitrogen temperature is higher,the water evaporates and is not easy to agglomerate.This temperature is generally above 50 ℃.We usually need to heat to reach this temperature.
4.The greater the applied pressure on the fertilizer,the easier the contact between the crystals and the easier the agglomeration;the smaller the applied pressure,the less the agglomeration.
5.The longer the fertilizer is placed,the easier it is to agglomerate.The shorter the time is,the less easy it is to agglomerate.
The above is the reason why the organic fertilizer is caking summarized by the manufacturer of the organic fertilizer production line or the biofertilizer production line.Only when we understand the reason of caking can we solve the problem.We should not ignore the problem of caking.Serious caking will even affect the use efficiency of organic fertilizer.