What type fertilizer equipment to be equipped in the biofertilizer production?

 The biofertilizer production line is designed for producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator,in the line,it is equipped with different type fertilizer production line,we are mainly equipped with different type fertilizer machines to produce the bioorganic fertilizer granulator.So what type fertilizer machines we can use to produce the bioorganic fertilizer granulator?
In the bio fertilizer manufacturing process,the main equipment are mainly included:
1.Automatic batching system:the automatic batching system is mainly composed of feeding system,weighing device,bin and conveyor belt.And the static batching system has the speed of dynamic batching and the accuracy of ordinary static batching(0.2%).
2.New type organic fertilizer granulator machine:It is designed and manufactured by the new technology of wet continuous pusher granulation.This machine can not only granulate a varity of organic matters,especially for coarse fiber materials which are difficult to be granulated by conventional equipment.What's more,this type fertilizer granulator machine is always to be used in the organic fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.
3.Horizontal mixer:this series of horizontal mixer is a new generation of mixing equipment developed by our company,which has high mixing degree and less residue,and it is suitable for mixing organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer.
organic fertilizer production line
4.Roller screen:the machine adopts combined screen,which is easy to maintain and replace.It has simple structure,convenient operation and stable operation.It is an ideal fertilizer equipment in the production of compound fertilizer.
5.Conveyor:it is suitable for coal,metallurgy,mining,chemical industry,building materials,wharf,warehouse,construction site,etc. to transport bulk materials or box bags,especially suitable for using in chemical fertilizer plant,cement plant and other environments requiring manual loading,saving a lot of personnel.
6.Dryer:It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance,simple operation,low engery consumption,long service life,even drying convenient maintenance,etc.It is an advanced compound fertilizer drying equipment.
7.Hot blast furance:The hot blast furance adopts the technology of return water injection to solve the problems of shell bioler,such as tube plate crack,drum at the bottom of the drum,water-cooled wall burst,low thermal efficiency,insufficient output,poor adaptability of coal,etc.
8.Packing scale:the packing scale is mainly composed of automatic quantitative packing scale(composed of storage hopper,feeder,weighing bag hopper,kneading mechanism,computer control,pneumatic executive part,etc.)and optional part(conveyor,seam sewing machine/heat sealing machine)

These series machines are also different type and model,when producing we can choose the different type and model according to the raw materials and the production yield per hour.As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only produce all types of fertilizer equipment,we also designed different type fertilizer production lines to produce the biofertilizer granulator.In the npk fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with different type fertilizer machines to produce the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.