Production of the microbial fertilizer

In recent years,the new type fertilizer is designed and produced continuouslly.And the microbial fertilizer is also designed and produced for  the farming.An how we to produce the bio fertilizer using the fertilizer machine manufacturing technology?For a long time,due to the underreasonable use of chemical fertilizer,the proportion of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium is seeriously unbalanced,the soil is hardened,the nutrient contents is reduced,the groundwater pollution and other problems have aroused the concern of the whole society.Microbial fertilizer has been widely concerned because of its characteristics of fertility,cost saving and efficiency increasing,green environmental protection and so on.

When producing the microbial fertilizer,we can use the fertilizer manufacturing technology to make the microbial fertilizer.In the fertilizer production line,the miocrobial fertilizer producing can be seem to the organic fertilizer production.The microbial fertilizer is also a new type organic fertilizer.So when producing the microbial fertilizer,the fertilizer manufacturing process and the fertilizer machines which equipped in the fertilizer production line are the same as the organic fertilizer production or the bio fertilizer production.
In the process of the microbical fertilizer,it needs to use the fermentation compost turner machine,fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine,fertilizer granulator machine and so on.When producing the microbial fertilizer granulator,we are first to ferment the raw materials for sometime,and then using the fertilizer crusher machine that we can choose the chain or half wet materials crusher machine to grind the raw materials.And then using the fertilizer mixer machine to mix them with other organic additonal materials,put them into the fertilizer granulator machine to make the microbical fertilizer granulator.Next to use the fertilizer dryer,cooler,and fertilizer screener machine to deal the fertilizer granulator.Finally using the automatic packing machine to pack them.
The production of the microbical using the fertilizer manufacturing technology is not so complex,and the semi-automatic machine to be used in the fertilizer production line is also improve the working efficient.At the same time,it also save more investment of the labor in the fertilizer production line.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process

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