The production of slow release fertilizer

The fertilizer manufacturing technology can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator or inorganic fertilizer granulator and other type fertilizer granulator.The slow release fertilizer is a new type fertilizer that we also can be produced by using the fertilizer manufacturing technology.How we to produce the slow release fertilizer?What type fertilizer machines to be equipped in the fertilizer manufacturing process?
Slow release fertilizer:slow release fertilizer refers to the chemical fertilizerthat slowly release the effective nutrients of crops over time through chemical or physical effects of nutrients.One or two nutrients of nitrogen and potassium that have slow-release effect in slow-release fertilizer are collectively referred to as slow-release nutrients have slow-release fertilizer and the fertilizer without slow release function are mixed together to make some nutrients have slow release effect,they will become partial slow-release fertilizer.
Main types:common slow-release fertilizers can be divided into coated slow-release fertilizer and inhibitor slow-release fertilizer.There are many kinds of classification methods of coated slow-release fertilizer.According to the main components of coated material,it can be divided into inorganic coated fertilizer,organic coated fertilizer and polymer coated fertilizer.Generally,the coating formed by organic matters has bette water resistance,smoother and thinner surface and better slow -release effect than that formed by inorganic matters such as sulfur.However,the preparation of organic coated fertilizer is releatively complex and the cost is relatively high.The most important problem of organic and polymer coated fertilizer in the soil may have a greater negative impact on the environment and agriculture.

Fertilizer coated fertilizer belongs to inorganic coated fertilizer.Fertilizer coated fertilizer is to wrap one or several other fertilizers on the surface of one fertilizer.In the fertilizer production line,we can use the coat machine to make the coat fertilizer after granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine.Like in the npk fertilizer production line,after granulating in the roatry drum granulator machine,we use the conveyor machine to put the granulator into the coating machine to be coated.Generally,the slow release of the product can be realized by wrapping other insoluble fertilizers,and the fertilizers that can be used as the coating are generally calcium magnesium phosphate etc.This kind of product has the advantages of small environmental pollution,uniform particles,uniform nutrient release and good slow release effect.
More different type fertilizer can be produced by using the fertilizer machines and using the fertilizer manufacturing technology.In different type fertilizer manufacturing process,different type fertilizer machines are equipped in the line to make different type fertilizer granulator.For example,in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it will be equipped with the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine,which the series fertilizer granulator machine to be designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator.Besides the fertilizer granulator machines,it will be also equipped with the fertilizer mixer machine and fermentation compost turner machine and so on.In the process of producing the slow release fertilizer is also the same equipment.It will need to use the fertilizer mixer machine to mix the raw materials and use the fertilizer crusher machine to grind the raw materials,then using the fertilizer granulator machine to make the granulator,after that using the drum coater machine to coat the granulator.Generally speaking,a complete fertilizer production line includ these process.Using the technology and the semi-automatically fertilizer machines to make the different type fertilizer not only improve the working efficient it also reduce the cost of the labor compared with the traditional methods.
npk fertilizer production line
We are as the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only design and produce the fertilizer machines  and fertilizer production lines to make the fertilizer granulator can be produced by using the fertilizer manufacturing technology,we also can design the fertilizer production line for different type fertilizer producing requirement and raw materials what you use in the process of making the fertilizer granulator.