Investment cost of organic fertilizer production process

In the organic fertilizer production plant cost, raw material cost, transportation cost, labor cost and packaging cost need to be considered. If you cooperate with farms, the situation is very different. The owner of the farm will be very happy if the farm invests in the construction of greenhouses and fermentation tanks on the original site where the manure is piled up, and the organic fertilizer manufacturer invests in the purchase of equipment for the production line of organic fertilizer to deal with the manure. If both sides cooperate by means of investment or compensation trade, they will reduce investment or production costs.

Investment cost of organic fertilizer production process
For those who have just been engaged in the organic fertilizer production industry, it is suggested to adopt simple configuration of machinery and equipment to reduce the investment in equipment. The simple configuration of small-scale organic fertilizer production line is composed of wet material grinder, horizontal mixer, disc granulator, drum screening machine and automatic packaging machine. Forklift can be used to replace the dumper in the fermentation part. Although the effect is not as good as the dumper, the effect is not good It can be adopted in terms of saving investment.

The capital investment of organic fertilizer production process equipment is determined according to the output and degree of automation. The production line of 5000-10000 tons needs about 150000-350000 yuan, the production line of 20000-30000 tons needs about 250000-500000 yuan, the production line of 30000-50000 tons needs about 400000-800000 yuan, and the production line of 50000-100000 tons needs about 650000-130000 yuan. The production cost of one ton of organic fertilizer is about 400-700 yuan, the market price of one ton of organic fertilizer is about 700-1300 yuan, and the annual profit of 10000 tons of organic fertilizer equipment is about 2 million yuan.