Production process of duck manure organic fertilizer pellets

 The production of high-quality organic fertilizer comes from excellent organic fertilizer raw materials and advanced organic fertilizer production process. Cow manure, chicken manure, pig manure and duck manure can be used as a good source of organic fertilizer because of their large amount of nutrients. Then through an organic fertilizer production line, the polluted manure can be turned into a beautiful and high-quality commercial organic fertilizer.

Production process of duck manure organic fertilizer pellets
Duck manure as raw material to produce organic fertilizer needs to be fermented first. Duck manure was fermented by composting, and then some microbial strains were added to promote the fermentation process. After mixing the feces and strains evenly, they are stacked in the built fermentation trough. When the materials rise to a certain temperature, the dumper is used to dump them to reduce the temperature so as to facilitate the propagation of strains. The crawler type compost turner can also be used for fermentation. Compared with the trough type fermentation, it does not need to build a special trough, so it is more convenient to use.

From the perspective of granulation, it mainly includes mixing, granulation, packaging and other links. Because granulation uses water crop medium to bond materials together, in the organic fertilizer production line, water will be added to the mixer for mixing. After the particles are produced, the materials will be dried to remove water, then cooled to room temperature, and the suitable particles will be selected for final packaging.