Organic fertilizer production process for green environmental protection development

The organic fertilizer production process uses the feces, garbage and straw produced by rural breeding industry to form an organic fertilizer industry after fermentation, heating, molding and other processes. It has the advantages of low cost, simple process flow and less labor. It is also a supporting project for the development of rural green ecological agriculture industry.
Organic fertilizer production process for green environmental protection development
For the first time involved in the organic fertilizer industry, investment in building an organic fertilizer production plant needs to determine many factors. First of all, how about the sales of organic fertilizer in the market? What is the development prospect of organic fertilizer industry? How much investment does the organic fertilizer production line need? What raw materials and equipment are needed for the production of organic fertilizer, and so on, are the concerns of manufacturers and investors.

The organic fertilizer production plant cost is hundreds of thousands to millions. Organic fertilizer production line is a complete set of equipment, according to the actual production needs, there are different configurations, different fertilizer production line configuration price is not the same. The organic fertilizer production line has three kinds of configuration: high, medium and low. Large fertilizer plants should adopt a complete set of production configuration. The appearance and nutrient content of finished products can meet the market requirements, which has a great advantage in the promotion of finished organic fertilizer. The middle and low configuration of organic fertilizer production line is suitable for small and medium-sized fertilizer plants. The sales scope of finished organic fertilizer is limited to nearby areas, and some processes in the production process of organic fertilizer need to be completed manually.