How much does an annual output of 80000 tons of organic fertilizer factory cost?

The production of organic fertilizer from cattle manure, sheep manure, chicken manure and other livestock manure is the reuse of organic waste resources, which is in line with the development of organic agriculture policy, and achieves the purpose of saving resources and protecting the environment. An annual output of 80000 tons of organic fertilizer farm needs to invest in organic fertilizer production equipment, raw materials such as pig manure and chicken manure, water and electricity charges, staff wages, etc.
First of all, what are the steps of organic fertilizer production process?
How much does an annual output of 80000 tons of organic fertilizer factory cost?
Production process
1) Ground strip stacker, ground dumper, fermentor, trough compost turning machine;
2) Evenly sprinkle fungicide, turn over the pile fermentation to achieve heating, deodorization, decomposition, killing miscellaneous bacteria grass seeds;
3) The fermentation time was 7-12 days, and the times of pile turning were different according to the temperature;
4) Complete fermentation and putrefaction, out of the pool (ground type, direct collection with forklift);
5) The coarse and fine fertilizer can be screened by grading screen (the screened powder fertilizer can be sold directly);
6) Crushing the screened large pieces with a grinder and returning them to a grading screen;
7) The required trace elements are mixed with a premixer;
8) Granulating with granulator;
9) Feeding into dryer and cooler;
10) Automatic packaging machine for sale.

Production cost and equipment input:

The capital investment of organic fertilizer equipment is determined by the output and degree of automation. The production line of 10000-80000 tons needs about 150000-300000 yuan, the production line of 100000-200000 tons needs about 250000-500000 yuan, and the production line of 350000-500000 tons needs about 650000-1300000 yuan. The annual profit of the organic fertilizer processing plant = the annual output of 350000 tons of organic fertilizer production plant cost minus the equipment input, production cost input, miscellaneous expenses and employee wage expenditure, the profit is about 1 million yuan. The specific value is subject to the actual market situation.