Good quality compost turning machine and advantages in use

The development of environment and economy promotes the widespread use of organic fertilizer turning machines in the aquaculture industry. The use of manure resources is a relatively popular method for treating livestock manure. The organic fertilizer turning machine is a kind of turning and fermentation equipment widely used in the breeding industry. The use of modern technology can not only turn the manure into waste. Composting into organic fertilizer, reducing environmental problems, and providing high-quality fertilizer for agriculture is an innovative product of green environmental protection.

Simple groove compost turning machine:
Organic fertilizer turning machine plays an important role in the organic fertilizer industry. It is mainly used for the production of organic fertilizer in manure. Because composting and organic fertilizer utilization is in line with the principle of resource recycling, and the cost is low, it is a good way to treat the manure. So the organic fertilizer turning machine is welcomed by many farms and organic fertilizer plants.

In the turning machine, the driving type turning machine has a four-wheel turning machine, a turning machine, and a chain turning machine. These two are typical of strip fermentation. They mainly have the following advantages:
The utilization of livestock and poultry manure must be deep-processed. It is only necessary to pile up the material into a shape, and the organic fertilizer turning machine in the ride rides over the long-stacked fertilizer base for tipping fermentation. The four-wheel design enables the organic fertilizer turning machine to carry forward, reverse, bend and other operations on the strip type material without being affected by the site, which greatly saves labor costs.
The shape of the organic fertilizer turning machine is similar to that of our rural transport tractor. The lower part is that the tire can move forward freely. The lower part of the cab of the throwing machine is rust-proof turning tooth, which can effectively throw various materials (poultry droppings). Into organic fertilizer, to achieve independent work, do not need to waste more time; advanced equipment technology, simple operation, the effect of turning over is very significant.

Driving mobile turning machine:
It is more suitable for the fermentation of large organic fertilizers. It is a trough type turning machine, also called a groove type turning machine and a turning machine. It has the following advantages:
1. The milling disc type turning mechanism adopted by the turning machine has a unique way of turning over and has independent intellectual property rights. Each turnover ensures that every detail of the material is in full contact with the air, supplementing the oxygen and draining the water. The mechanism has small contact parts with materials, convenient maintenance, reliable working process and long service life.
2. The whole machine adopts a long-span bridge structure, which has two series of longitudinal span type and cross-bridge type. The moving direction of the material can be perpendicular to the track or parallel to the track. The longitudinal span bridge structure makes the material moving direction perpendicular to the track, and the equipment span meets the requirements of the fermentation cycle. The length of the fermenting zone track can be selected according to the processing amount within a certain range, and the increase of the track length of the fermentation zone can make the finished product yield increase.
3. The equipment adopts the orbital operation mode, which makes the production process have good reliability and minimizes energy consumption.