Introduction of belt conveyor and mobile belt conveyor

A belt conveyor is one kind of driven machine that transports materials in a continuous manner. It is mainly composed of a frame, a conveyor belt, a roller, a roller, a tensioning device, a transmission device and the like. It can form a material conveying process between the initial feeding point and the final discharging point on a certain conveying line. It is suitable for conveying bulk materials and finished articles horizontally and obliquely.

We are manufacturer of fertilizer use equipment in China. We produce different kinds of machines for fertilizer production. Among all the machines, the belt conveyor is special, it’s used from the first to end, throughout all the process.

The widely use are the belt conveyor and mobile conveyor in the fertilizer production line.

The belt conveyor is the most used in the transportation. It can be used for horizontal transportation and inclined transportation. It is widely used in modern factories, such as coal, chemical industry, building materials, grain and other industries. The belt conveyor has the advantages of large volume, simple structure, and convenient maintenance, low cost and strong versatility. The continuous or intermittent movement of conveyor belt is used to transport powdered and granular articles. It runs at high speed, stable, low noise and can transport up and down.

The mobile belt conveyor, it is mainly used in places where loading and unloading places that will often change, such as fertilizer plant, coal yard, mine yard, warehouse, construction site, sand stone yard, farm etc. It is used for short distance transportation, loading and unloading of material or less than 100kg of bulk material that single piece weight. It is a continuous loading and unloading equipment with high efficiency and good mobility. It is light, beautiful and has good maneuverability. The rotary device is an electric roller, and is equipped with a tire wheel to facilitate movement. The tilt angle and the height are adjustable.

The biggest difference of the two kinds of belt conveyor is belt conveyor is fixed,but the mobile one is removable,usually the customers choose the fixed one in the production for transportation, the removable one for packing transportation.