How to ferment the chicken manure?

Plantting the vegatables the factor is the using of the fertilizer.Generally speaking,the chicken manure is a kind of raw material of making organic fertilizer granulator.But before using the chicken manure in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process we need to ferment the chicken manure to make organic fertilizer granulator.
Before making the fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine,we need to ferment the chicken manure.If we use the unfertilized chicken manure.ther will produce many bad effects:
1.Unfermented chicken manure is applied to the soil and fermented in the soil.Fermentation is an exothermic process,and the temperature is high.It is undoubtely fatal to the newly planted seedings and the roots are "hot",naturally there will be a dead tree phenomenon,which is our common root burning phenomenon.
2.Chicken manure contains coliforms,nematodes and other pathogens and eggs,unfertilizered chicken manure applied to the soil,these pests will infect the plants.For a root-based crop like cucumber,the root-knot nematode in chicken manure enters the soil,parasitizing the roots of the cucumber,robing the water and nutrients absorbed by the roots and the plants are weak or even dead.
3.Unfertilizered chicken manure is fermented in the soil.The decompoition of organic matter consumes oxygen in the soil.The roots of the crop are in anoxic state and growth is inhabited.
4.Unfertilized chicken manure is applied to the soil.During the process of fermentation and decomposition,toxic gases such as methane and ammonia are released.Under the condensation of water vapor,the leaves sre gathered to make the leaves suffer.
 So how to fermente the chicken manure?The use of the chicken manure must ensure that the fermentation is good.How does the chicken manure ferment?For our growers,there are two kinds of fermentation methods for buying unfertilized chicken manure.One is natural fermentation.It is necessary to accumulate chicken manure into mounds and pour water.It takes 2-3 moths of fermentation time and the whole fermentation cycle. And in the process,it need to be turned around 5 times.For  large of yield,the fertilizer machine manufacturers design the fermentation compost turning machine to make the chicken or other raw material that need to be fermented to be fermented uniformly.Using the fertilizer machine make the fertilizer manufacturing process higher efficient and help the investor save more labor cost.This method is not suitable for the growers who need to be planted at the moment.The other one is fermented bacteria,and it can be fermented in about 25 days,and in the process,it also need to be turned and it also need to use the fermentation compost turner machine.After fermenting the chicken manure,using the fertilizer granulator machine to make the organic fertilizer granulator.