What shall we pay attention to when using compound fertilizer?

The npk fertilizer production is a kinf of fertilizer manufacturing process method of making the compound fertilizer granulator specially.In the process of npk fertilizer production,a lot of fertilizer machines are used to produce the fertilizer granulator higher efficient.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,the fertilizer granulator machine is always a factor fertilizer machine.And producing the compound fertilizer granulator,the disc granulator,rotary drum granulator,and roller press granulator are designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers.Improving the fertilizer producing efficient,wat shall we to notice in the process of using the compound fertilizer granulator?
Firstly,we need to understand that the compound fertilizer is suitable for base fertilizerBecause a large number of tests have shown that both binary and ternary compound fertilizers are better based on basic application.This is because the compound fertilizer contains nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and other nutrients.In the early stage of the crop,it is especially sensitive to phosphorus and potassium.Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are required to be applied as base fertilizer.Compound fertilizer should not be used for seeding fertilizer and mid-late fertilizer to prevent greed.The decomposition of compound fertilizer is slow.For crops that use compound fertilizer as base fertilizer during sowing,according to the fertilizer requirement of different crops,quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer should be supplemented in time to meet the nutritional needs of crops.
Then the difference in compound fertilizer concentration is large,pay attention to choose the appropriate conceration.At present,most compound fertilizers are configured according to the average nutrient status of soil types in a certain region and the proportion of crops required for fertilizer.There are high,medium and low concentration series of compound fertilizers on the market.Generally,the total concentration is above 40%.It is necessary to use economical and efficient compound fertilizers due to different regions,soils and crops.Generally,high-concentration compound fertilizer is used in economic crops with excellent quality,less residue and high utilization rate
The npk fertilizer production is simple of the producing process compared to the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,because most of time the organic fertilizer granulator have higher requirement of the moisture of the fertilizer granulator.The fertilizer machine is also easier to operate in the fertilizer manufacturing process.