What are the techniques for applying bio-organic fertilizer?

The bio organic fertilizer granulator is also a kind of organic fertilizer and the bio organic fertilizer granulator have more advantages for the plants.So how work of the bio fertilizer production?and how to use the bio organic fertilizer granulatotr?The bio fertilizer production is not so complex compared to the organic fertilizer granulator,but the factor is the choose of the fertilizer granulator machine.Generally speaking,producing the bio organic ferilizer granulator,we always choose the flat die granulato and the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine.Besides this fertilizer granulator machines are designed to produce the bio organic fertilizer granulator in the bio fertilizer production,the bio organic fertilizer production line is also designed to produce the bioorganic fertilizer granulator.
Well,introduing the fertilizer granulator producing,what are the techniques for applying bio organic fertilizer?If we want to make advantage of the bio fertilizer granulator,firstly should use the fertilizer in a suitable environment.Generally speaking,in the long term dry weather environment,it is not advisable to apply bio-organic compound fertilizer forcibly,and then apply it after the rain is moderate.Then appropriate amount of fertilization.The organic matter and other nutrient content of bio organic compound fertilizers are different in the production standards of each enterprise.When applying,it is necessary to look at the nutrient content of the fertilizer formula,and also depends on the texture and fertility of the soil to determine the application amount.Finally,mixed application.Bio organic compound fertilizers have general-purpose and special-purpose types.In order to reflect the quick-acting and long-acting effects,they should be mixed with quick acting fertilizers,especially with high-content compound fertilizers.
The fertilizer manufacturing process is a new technology,and the technology is developed continuouslly, we are the professional fertilizer machine manufacturer besides the bio fertilizer production,we also design other fertilizer manufacturing process,such as the npk fertilizer production,organic fertilizer manufacturing process bb fertilizer production line and so on.
Well,if you are any questions about the fertilizer machine or the bio fertilizer production,you can leave a message for us and we will supply professional suggestions about your questions in fertilizer machine or fertilizer manufacturing process.