Chicken manure organic fertilizer production method

 With the improvement of people's living standards, chicken and eggs have become common foods on the table, and the scale of raising chickens has gradually expanded, resulting in a large amount of chicken manure. However, chicken manure looks dirty and smelly, and it also pollutes the environment. Chicken manure treatment has become a headache for large-scale chicken farmers. After scientific research on chicken manure, it is found that chicken manure contains very rich nutrients, including: organic matter 25.5%, nitrogen 1.63%, phosphoric acid 1.54%, potassium 0.82%, calcium, protein 27.79%, and contains 18 kinds of amino acids, and The content of lysine and methionine is higher than that of sorghum, corn, barley and other feeds, crude fiber 12%, nitrogen-free extract 32.58%, coarse ash 23% and rich B group vitamins, and also contains beneficial factors for animal growth.

Chicken manure is the highest nutritional value in conventional livestock and poultry manure, because chicken intestines are too short compared to cattle, goats and geese, and food stays in the intestines for a short time, so the nutrients of chicken feed can only absorb about one third or so of them, about 40%-70% of the nutrients are excreted.

However, chicken manure is directly applied to crops without being treated or decomposed, and there are great harms and hidden dangers. Directly applied to the soil, fermented under suitable conditions and produced a large amount of heat, burning the roots of the crop. At the same time, the chicken manure itself carries a large number of germs, which brings hidden diseases to the crops. Therefore, the chicken manure must be treated in a harmless manner and completely decomposed before being applied to the crop.

Therefore, the first step in the organic fertilizer production line using chicken manure is to compost the raw materials such as chicken manure for composting.The composting fermentation is based on the natural fermentation of the piles, and the organic matter decomposing inoculant is sprinkled on the pile of chicken manure piles, then the compost turning machine is used to stir the fermenting agent and the chicken manure.The chicken manure organic fertilizer adopts fermenting agent fermentation technology, which contains the medium and trace elements required by the plant,beneficial biological active bacteria and a variey of enzymes, the life activities of these microbes in the soil, can fix nitrogen in the air, loosen the soil, decompose the phosphate and potassium minerals that have been solidified by the chemical fertilizer for a long time, and provide sufficient nutrients for the crops.