How to ferment pig manure to make organic fertilizer?

 With the rapid development of the livestock and poultry industry, a lot of manure and sewage have been produced. The harmful elements in these manures are seriously over-expanded and difficult to handle with traditional return methods. Among them, pig manure is a good fertilizer for planting. However, according to the traditional natural heap fermentation, there are several disadvantages:
1. The stacking time is long, generally takes 4-6 months, the time is lower when the temperature is low, and the stacking fermentation effect is poor;
2. Long-term stacking takes up both the site and the surrounding environment;
3. Naturally, the fermented feces are rotten and odorous, difficult to transport, and difficult to apply directly;
4. Natural heap fermentation does not remove harmful substances such as pathogens and eggs in the feces.

The country vigorously develops ecological agriculture, and modern farming and breeding households all know that organic fertilizer is a hot new fertilizer nowadays. Especially the organic fertilizer after fermentation is a magic weapon for growers to increase production, and now farmers can directly use animal manure to produce organic fertilizer, which not only solves the problem that the farmer's manure is difficult to handle, but also increases the income for the farmers. At present, the most popular is organic fertilizer made from pig manure, but how to make organic fertilizer, how to control the fermentation temperature?

Fermentation of decomposed bacteria fermented pig manure organic fertilizer production steps:
1: Take 1 kg of fermented decomposing bacteria and mix 5 kg of bran, tanning, wood chips, fine soil and other powdery materials and mix well.
2: Add to the 10 tons of pig manure fermentation material pool and mix well.
3: Assembling aerobic fermentation, when the temperature reaches 40-50 °C, roll over, continue aerobic fermentation until the temperature reaches 40-50 °C, stack and compact, seal with plastic cloth or tarpaulin Anaerobic fermentation is carried out (peripheral compaction to prevent gas leakage).
4: The suitable temperature for composting fermentation is 25-35 ° C, and the fermentation time is 7-14 days (depending on the season).
5: Success criteria: fermented compost, with a scent and no smell.

In the fermentation process, we can use the compost turning machine which has been researched by our company for many years. In the second half of the fermentation, the materials are stirred every day, which can increase the ventilation and oxygen volume, the material is evenly turned and the fermentation time is greatly shortened. It is very beneficial to the production of organic fertilizer.