Which crusher should be used in the processing of NPK fertilizer production line

Compound fertilizer has comprehensive nutrients and contains many kinds of nutrients. It can supply many kinds of nutrients needed by crops in a long time and improve the effect of fertilization. And NPK fertilizer production line adopts granulation technology to improve the physical properties of compound fertilizer. In the production of NPK compound fertilizer, crushing of raw materials is an important process, which is a necessary treatment before granulation. We need the crusher to crush calcium superphosphate, ammonium phosphate, urea, magnesium sulfate into powder. Vertical chain crusher is the best choice for NPK fertilizer production line. The structure design and practicability of this crusher fully consider the characteristics of NPK fertilizer production and meet the needs of fertilizer granulation process.

Construction of Vertical Chain Crusher
The chain crusher designed by our factory is made of wear-resistant steel and can be quickly disassembled. One end of the chain is connected with the rotor by a quick replaceable ring fastener, and the other end of the chain is equipped with a ring chain head made of wear-resistant steel. In order to prevent material bonding machine and friction of body steel plate in NPK compound fertilizer production process, polypropylene plate is used in the inner lining of the body of our crusher, which effectively reduces the cleaning trouble. Maintenance doors are arranged on both sides of the body of the chain crusher, and the staff can check and repair the machine condition at any time. The body and transmission device are installed on a frame made of section steel.
vertical chain crusher

Compound fertilizer vertical chain crusher has a high degree of automation, which effectively realizes the cooperation with other machines in NPK fertilizer production line, and improving the efficiency of the whole fertilizer production line. It plays an irreplaceable role in roller press granulator production line, organic fertilizer production line and drum granulation production line. It has great use value and promotion value.