Application of Ball Shaping Machine in Organic Fertilizer Making Process

Ball shaping machine is a common equipment used in organic fertilizer making process, which is used for the subsequent treatment of organic fertilizer granulator. The ball shaping machine grinds the pellets made by the organic fertilizer granulator into spheres, which makes the pellets beautiful and convenient for agricultural production and use. In the production of organic fertilizer flat-die granulator, ball shaping machine is a common configuration. It polishes the cylindrical particles into balls at one time to improve the efficiency of organic fertilizer making process.

Processing Principle of Ball Shaping Machine
Ball shaping machine grinds a larger particle, which has no pressure when grinding the particles, and is a fertilizer processing device under normal pressure. The big wheel of the ball shaping machine drives the spindle to drive the big plate, so that the material runs at high speed in the disk driven by the centrifugal force of the big plate. When the fertilizer particles rub against the turntable, the appearance of the particles becomes smoother and the strength increases. With the motor drive of the ball shaping machine, organic fertilizer particles enter the shaping machine realizes the appearance modification of the pellet.
organic fertilizer ball shaping machine

Application of Ball Shaping Machine in Organic Fertilizer Making Process
ball shaping machine in organic fertilizer making process
As shown in the figure, our factory has designed a new type organic fertilizer granulation production line, which is specially equipped with a shaping machine after the organic fertilizer granulator.
Firstly, the fermented organic matter is fed into the crusher and crushed into powder. The powder is fed into the batching system and other inorganic fertilizers are added. Then it is thoroughly stirred by the horizontal mixer. Then it is fed into the new type organic fertilizer granulator for granulation. Particle shaping machine polishes organic fertilizer particles smoothly and ensures the appearance quality of organic fertilizer. After drying and cooling system, organic fertilizer is screened to get the products we need. The particle shaping machine improves the yield of organic fertilizer making process, and the economic benefit of fertilizer production is high.