The biofertilizer production and function

Organic fertilizer is to be produced and used in the agricultural industry,and it is to be produced by using the organic fertilizer production line.And with the development of the organic fertilizer  market,more and more organic fertilizer type to be produced,like the bio organic fertilizer.How to produce the bio organic fertilizer and what function of the bio organic fertilizer has?

More organic fertilizer equipment are to be designed and equipped in the fertilizer manufacturing process.More and more fertilizer equipment to be designed and used to finish the production process.How to produce the bio organic fertilizer by using the biofertilizer production line?

The production process of bio organic fertilizer is mainly from raw materials to semi-finished products.There are two main production process used in the production,one is the plane stacking composting process,the other is the trough aerobic fermentation process.In addition,the small-scale trial production in the laboratory also uses box/tank fermentation.

Plane stacking composting technology:Production flow chart:raw material processing,adding bacteria,mixing,building stamp,turning pile;Secondary adding bacteria,mixing,Inspection,packaging.

Advantages:it is small investment and relatively simple process.And in the bio organic fertilizer production,using the automatic fertilizer equipment to finish the production process is higher efficient,and saves more labor cost.

biofertilizer production

The bio organic fertilizer function:
  1. 1.To improve soil fertility,the application of nitrogen fixing microbial fertilizer can increase the source of nitrogen in the soil;to dissolve phosphorus and potassium microbial fertilizer can decompose the insoluble phosphorus and potassium in the soil,transform them into the phosphorus and potassium compounds that can be absorbed and utilized by crops,and improve the nutritional conditions of crops.
  2. 2.To produce and assist crops to absorb nutritive rhizobia to infect legume roots and fix nitrogen in the air.Microorganisms can produce a large number of plant growth hormones in reproduction,stimulate and regulate the growth of crops,make plants grow healthy,and promote the absorption of nutrients.
  3. 3.Due to the large-scale growth and propagation at the root of the crop,the microbial fertilizer can inhibit or reduce the propagation opportunities of pathogenic microorganisms;due to the role of resistant microorganisms,it can reduce the disease of the crop.
  4. 4.Reducing the use of chemical fertilizer which it can be produced in the npk fertilizer manufacturing process,and improving the quality of crops using microbial fertilizer can improve the quality of argicultural products,such as the content of protein,sugar,vitamins and so on.Some can reduce the accumulation of nitrate.In some case,the improvement of quality is more benefical than the increase of output.
The fertilizer machine manufacturers designed more and more type fertilizer equipment type that they are to be suitable for using in different type and series fertilizer manufacturing process to finish the production process.The using of the complete fertilizer production line not only improve the working efficient,it aso meet the needs of the organic fertilizer market.