How to improve the pelletizing rate of disc pelletizer in organic fertilizer process

Disc pelletizers are relatively inexpensive and simple in process. Many users of organic fertilizer manufacturing process will choose disc pelletizers. How to improve the pelletizing rate of the disc granulator has always been a concern of customers. So, how to increase the pelletizing rate of the disc fertilizer granulator machine in the organic fertilizer equipment factory?

fertilizer granulator

1. Strictly control the powder quality
According to the formula of organic fertilizer, carefully control the quality of various materials such as chemical fertilizer. When feeding and unloading, it is forbidden to use iron blocks larger than 10 mm and wood blocks larger than 10 mm. The quality indicators of chaff and sand are not many, which seriously affects the output value.
2. Control the moisture content of the particles
In the production process, the most useful and easiest way is how to check the amount of granulated water initially. Hand touch method: Grab a handful of granular material from the disc granulator, hold it in your hand to form a ball, and gently touch with your fingers to release it. In this way, the output value is high, and more particles are generated, which is not easy to block the screen surface.
3. Select the nozzle of the disc granulator and adjust the nozzle
Generally speaking, the disc making machine adopts B-type spherical spiral or B1 embryo spiral nozzle as the first choice. According to fluid mechanics, it has been shown that when the liquid is ejected from the nozzle, the greater the pressure, the smaller the through hole and the larger the droplet diffusion surface. At the same pressure, the nozzle hole is small and the droplet density is small. The spray holes are large and the density of fog droplets is large.
4. The disc blade of the new disc granulator
The blade is very good, the texture is very beautiful, very fine and even. The blade data must be 16M. The blade is divided into a rear blade and a front blade. There is no gap between the two blades.
5. The main skill of operating the disc granulator is the key. Operators should receive disc granulator skill training to improve the essence of worker skills and operating skills.