How can we really achieve fertilizer rationalization?

 With the development of the technology,all kinds of fertilizer equipment is to be designed and used to finish the production process,and the fertilizer production line is also to be designed for producing the fertilizer.How can we really achieve fertilizer rationalization?The organic fertilizer is to be produced by using the organic fertilizer production line,before that we share more information about the production process of the organic fertilizer.
  In organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it is to be equipped with different type and series fertilizer equipment to finish the production process.In this production process,by using all different type fertilizer equipment simplifies the working process.In the fertilizer production process,it is generally to be equipped with the fermentation compost turner machine to finish the fermenting compost  process.And it is to be equipped with the fertilizer mixer machine and fertilizer crusher machine to deal with the raw mateials,then if we make fertilizer into granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is necessary to be used to finish the production process.In the organic fertilizer production line,it is to be equipped with the disc granulator machine to make organic fertilizer granulator or the rotary drum granulator which it can be equipped in npk fertilizer manufacturing process to finish the production process,to make organic fertilizer granulator.Next,the fertilizer granulator machine will be put into the fertilizer dryer machine and cooler machine to be dealt,finally put the fertilizer granulator into the screener machine to be separated then put into the fertilizer packing machine to finish the production process.
npk fertilizer productionfertilizer equipment
   How to use the fertilizer rationalization?Rational use of fertilizer is not only related to the yield of agricultural products,but also related to the quality and safety of agricultural products.The key to the production of high qualiuty agricultural products lies in the rational use of fertilizer.The so-called rational fertilization refers to the determaination of the ampount and mode of fertilizer use based on the plant nutrition,according to the characteristics of crops,soil and fertilizer.It is to select fertilizer according to the needs of plant nutrition,soil characteristics and crop growth period,adhere to the combination of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer,adhere to the rational system,rational allocation of nutrients,rational fertilization technology to improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.
  Fertilizer is selected according to the growth period of crops,and the absorption of fertilizer is different periods of crop growth.Therefore,different fertilizer shopuld be selected according to different growth periods.Netural and high concentration fertilizer or high concentration compound fertilizer can be selected as base fertilizer;high concentration,easily should and less residue fertilizer such as urea and ammonium nitrate shall be selected as irrgation fertilizer and foliar spray fertilizer.The results shpws that the combination of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer which can be produced by the npk manufacturing process,is conducive to the renewal of soil organic matter,the stimulation of the activity of original humus,the improvement of the cation exchange capacity of soil,the improvement of the activity of soil enzymes,the increase of the absorption,buffering and stress resistance of crops to nutrients,the coordiination of nitrogen balance,stability and long-term effect,the improvement of the utilization rate of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium,and the slow.It can improve the quality of crops,increase the content of protein,amino acid and other nutrients,and reduce the content of nitrate in vegetable and fruits.