Working principle of disc granulator

Different type and series fertilizer granulator machine to be designed and used in different type fertilizer manufacturing process to finish the granulating process.Different type fertilizer granulator machine using different granulating method to produce granulator.Lik e the roller press granulator machine which it is usually to be used in npk fertilizer manufacturing process to finish the npk,compound fertilizer granulator using the extrusion method.There we share the disc granulator working principle.
disc granulatorfertilizer equipment
The disc granulator machine usually to be equipped in organic fertilizer production line to finish the organic fertilizer granulating process.The disc granulator is a type of granulator.The disc granulator is lined with high-strength fiberglass,which has the advantages of even granulation,high granulation rate,stable operation,strong and durable equipment,long severice life and so on.It is an ideal granulator.
The pelletilizing disc adopt the overall arc structure,and the pelletilizing rate can reach over 93%.The pelletilizing plate is equipped wit three discharge outlets,which is convenient for intermittent production operation,greatly reducing labor intensity and improving labor efficiency.The reducer and motor are dirven by flexible belt,which can start stably,slow down the impact force and improve the severice life of the equipment.The botom of pelletilizing plate is reinforced by multiple radiation steel plates,which is firm and durable and will never deform.Thickened,weighted and soild base design,without anchor bolt fixation,stable operation.
All kinds of dry powder materials are added from the top of the equipment,pre compressed by designing and spiral and transported to the arc-shaped notch of two rollers.The two rollers rotate at the same speed and in the opposite direction,biting the materials into the groove and forced compression.The pressure on the materials after passing through the compression area gadually decreases,and the surface tension and gravity make them naturally come out,etnter the crusher and the pelletilizer for crushing,and then enter the vibration.The qualified products are sent to the finished product warehouse or directly packed by the conveyor.The materials under the powder screen are sent back to the raw material warehouse for secondary rolling by the return device.The size of the extrusion pressure can be adjusted by the hydraulic system according to the need of particle strength.By changing the form of grooving on the roll surface,sheet,strip,olive,flat ball and other materials can be obtained.
1.The disc granulator which also can be used in biofertilizer production line to produce bio organic fertilizer granulator,is novel and reasonable in structure with reduced weight and height.The process layout is flexible and convenient,which is suitable for the transformation of old plants.
2.The tilt angle of the large plate can be adjusted.The angle gasket is adopted,and the adjustment is flexible and convenient.
3.The unique non power combination scraper is used to reduce the auxiliary power consumption.
4.The large plate is composed of disc body and disc joint.Reduce the main motor power.The disc joint can be adjusted up and down along the disc body.The end of the disc joint is an edge flange,which can ensure that the material ball will not be pulled or torn when it comes out of the disc.

The granulator has a wide range of applications,and its features are as follows:
1.No drying process,granulation at room temperature,one-time molding,less investment,quick effect,good economic benefit.
2.Small power,reliable operation,no discharge of threee wastes,stable operation,convenient maintenance,reasonable process layput,advanced technology and low production cost.
3.It can be used for granulation of various raw materials such as compound fertilizer,medicine,chemical industry,feed,coal,metallurgy etc.and it can produce various concentrations and types of compound fertilizer(incluning organic fertilizer,inorganic fertilizer,biological fertilizer,magnetized fertilizer,etc.)
This series fertilizer equipment to be used in organic fertilizer prooduction line or biofertilizer production line to produce organic fertilizer granulator,it also can be used in npk fertilizer prodution line to produce npk fertilizer granulator.Choosing the suitable fertilizer granulator machine type according to your producing method of making granulator.