Organic fertilizer production line

When producing organic fertilizer granulator using the complete organic fertilizer production line,it usually needs three big parts.Sharing with you.For different type organic fertilizer granulator or organic fertilizer powsery has different type fertilizer production process and has different type fertilizer equipment to be equipped in the line.
organic fertilizer production line
There are two major parts of the equipmnt in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,and because of the relationship between production time,they are independent,interrelated and inseparable.The first part is the fermentation part,also known as the fermentation trilogy.The main equipment is in order:the first step is the pre mixing equipment,which is the mixing equipment according to the carbon nitrogen ratio,carbon phosphorus ratio,carbon potassium ratio,water and bacteria;the second part is the turning over part,which is the turning over equipment  in the fermentation tank,the turning over equipment according to the temperature,water content and air permeability of the compost in the fermentation tank;the trilogy it is a refining equipment ,also known as half wet material crusher machine,which is after fermentation,because the mycelium is connected with each other,there is no way to directly granulate,and a specifical crusher machine is used for crushing.
The second part of the equipment id the granulation part.The main equipment includes automatic batching machine,pulverizer,granulator,dryer,cooler,screening machine,coating machine,automatic packaging machine,conveyor,auxiliary equipment including induced draft fan,dust removal equipment,heating equipment etc.which are not much different from the equipment in the fertilizer manufacturing process.The two parts are independent because fermentation needs a certain time and a certain process.The granulation part needs a certain process.
Mutual connection means that without the complete fermentation of the first part,the qualified organic fertilizer and  the organic fertilier with good external quality can not produce beautiful products without the granulation part.

These machine besides to be used in organic fertilizer production line,it also can be used in the npk fertilizer manufacturing process to produce the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.Besides these fertilizer equipment type to be used in the line,there are also other type fertilizer machine to be used.As a whole,when designing the fertilizer production line,we will according to different type raw materials and other factors to design the suitable fertilizer production line.