What is the investment cost of an organic fertilizer production line?

Investment in the construction of a small powdery organic fertilizer production line needs between 80000 and 150000 yuan. When the output is small, only drying without cooling can be omitted. When the output is large, packaging scale, coating machine, cooler and screening machine can be added. At this time, the small organic fertilizer production plant cost ranges from 300000 to 500000 yuan.

Granulation process of chicken manure processing organic fertilizer: raw material accumulation, dehydration, fermentation, drying, granulation, screening, packaging and so on. The complete set of equipment includes: fermentation equipment (tank tipper) → semi wet material crusher → horizontal mixer → fertilizer granulator → rotary dryer → rotary cooler → drum screening machine → quantitative packaging machine and other organic fertilizer production equipment. 
What is the investment cost of an organic fertilizer production line?
Equipment and technology of organic fertilizer production line
1. Fermentation compost windrow turner: it can ferment and turn the materials in the fermentation process.
2. Crusher: crushing high humidity materials and other raw materials in the production process of organic fertilizer.
3. Mixer: to mix a variety of raw materials.
4. Granulator: Granulation of mixed materials; easy to separate and package.
5. Dryer: drying granular materials with certain humidity.
6. Cooler: it can quickly cool the dried materials and increase the production efficiency.
7. Screening machine: screen and grade the finished fertilizer.
8. Coating machine: the particles are coated outside to prevent the caking of fertilizer.
9. Automatic weighing and packaging machine: quantitative bagging and packaging of finished products.