What are the specific process configuration of organic fertilizer production line?

 What are the specific process configuration of organic fertilizer production line?The process configuration of organic fertilizer equipment is also to very important.The selection of the organic fertilizer equipment is related to the output of the organic fertilizer producers and the technological process,as well as the raw materials for the production of organic fertilizer.
  The raw materials of organic fertilizer are mainly manure or sludge.The auxilary materials include straw,bacterial residue,humic acid, the early stage of organic fertilizer equipment,the manure of livestock is dehydrated economically by using organic fertilizer to remove the water,and then the organic raw materials for fermentation of fermentation bacteria are added.After drying,crushing,mixing and other series of fertilizer manufacturing process,the raw materails are configured according to a certain propotion.For example,in the process of organic fertilizer production,the basic process of using organic fertilizer equipment is to dehydrate and dry manure,ferment,crush,stir,granulate,cool and packaage.Generally,we need to configure a series of organic fertilizer equipment,such as organic fertilizer granulator,organic fertilizer grinder,organic fertilizer mixer,etc.A sereis of granulator equipment such as roller press granulator,disc granulator and rotary drum granulator can be selected.After pelletilizing,use organic fertilizer cooler to cool and dry it and them package it.
A complete organic fertilizer production line is basically such a process.Most of the organic fertilizer equipment needed is the combination of automation.This combination mode improves the efficiency of organic fertilizer production and simplifies the production process of organic fertilizer.
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  More other fertilizer equipment to be used in different type fertilizer manufacturing process,they also can be used in npk fertilizer manufacturing process to make compound fertilizer.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,using all types of series fertilizer equipment to finish the production process not only improve the working efficient,it also save more time to finish the fertilizer manufacturing process.