Brief Introduction of cow manure organic fertilizer production line of disc granulator

 Producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we can use the raw materials of cow manure,sheep manure or chicken manure and so on a series of organic materials in the organic fertilizer production line.There we make a brief introduction of the cow manure organic fertilizer production line of disc granulator.
1.The organic fertilizer manufacturing process of cow manure is directly transported to the raw material silo(or raw material mixer).
2.Cow manure is delivered to the disc homogenizer and evenly added to the rotating disc of the disc granulator;liquid components or appropriate amount of water are sprinkled on the materials in the disc through the liquid component distributor of the disc granulator to  meet the amount of liquid phase required for the ball formation;the rotating disc and the edge of the disc produce friction and centrifugal effect on the materials,so that the materials produce circumferential moverment and the particles run with each other.Due to the difference of particle mass,the gravity and centrifugal effect are different. When the gravity and centrifugal effect increase enough to overcome the friction between particles, they will be thrown out of the disk, and the smaller particles will remain in the disk to continue to gather fine particles.  
3.It is delivered to the organic fertilizer dryer for heat exchange with the heat from the hot blast furnace.
4.It is delivered to the hot screening to separate the particles,and the fine particles are directly returened to the disc homogenizer,and continue to participate in the adhesion of particles as the core.
5.It is delivered to the organic fertilizer cooler to cool the fertilizer by natural cold air or forced cold air.
6.It is delivered to the finished product screening machine,and the large particles crushed by the fertilizer crusher machine and then returned to the disc granulator machine to continue to participate in pelletizing.
7.The qualified products after screening are sent to the coating machine for coating treatment.
8.It is delivered to automatic packing scale for weighing,packing and warehousing.
9.Drying,cooling and workshop dust are discharged after three-stage treatment of cyclone, labyrinth dust chamber and wet washing.
organic fertilizer production line
The fertilizer equipment is to be equipped in organic fertilizer production line to make organic fertilizer is simple.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,using different type and series fertilizer equipment to finish the production process can improve the working efficient and simplify the fertilizer manufacturing process.The size of the particles depends on the inclination and rotation speed of the disc, and the inclination and rotation speed of the disc can be adjusted. Therefore, the disc granulation process has a wide range of particle size control, strong adaptability, and a very high balling rate, which can reach 70% ~ 90%.   
The disc granulation process of pig manure organic fertilizer has the advantages of short production process, simple structure, less investment and easy operation, which is more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.