What are the differences in the equipment of different organic fertilizer production lines

 There are also differences in the production lines used for different organic fertilizer products. The following are examples of powdered organic fertilizer production lines and granular organic fertilizer production lines.

Organic fertilizer powder production line: fermentation -> feeder -> grinder -> mixer -> sieving machine -> automatic packaging machine -> finished product.

Belt conveyors are also needed to connect various equipment.

Fermentation equipment uses a compost turning machine, a trough-type compost turning machine, and a crawler-type compost turning machine is used to dump organic fertilizer to make it fully fermented. The fermentation method includes trough fermentation and strip fermentation. Fermentation is the core of organic fertilizer production. step.
organic fertilizer production line

Granular organic fertilizer production line: fermentation -> feeder -> grinder -> mixer -> sieving machine -> granulator -> automatic packaging machine -> finished product.

The granule production line has one more granulation step, and there are many granulation methods, such as disc granulation and pair-roll extrusion granulator.

There is a certain gap between the two processes, the cost of construction is also quite different, and the cost of the powder production line is lower.

Another method is to sell directly after fermentation is completed. This production method requires fermentation equipment, such as an organic fertilizer turning machine.