The special organic fertilizer equipment

The organic fertilizer equipment to be designed and used to produce the organic fertilizer.These fertilizer equipment to be equippped in the organic fertilizer production line.What type of these machine can be classified?
Fertilizer which can be produced using the fertilizer machine and the fertilizer manufacturing technology in the fertilizer manufacturing process,is very important to increase the production of crops.The essential nutrient elements of higher plants include more than ten kinds of elements such as carbon,hydrogen,oxygen,nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium.The contents of these essential nutrients are different in agricultural objects,which can be divided into a large number,medium amount and micronutrients.The common types of fertilizer are ammonium phosphate fertilizer(nitrogen phosphorus compound fertilizer made by neturalization reaction of phosphoric acid and ammonia),biological fertilizer(based on organic matter,mixed with bacterial agent and inorganic fertilizer),organic fertilizer(a souble in water),biological fertilizer decomposed or fermented by microorganisms etc.The nutrients needed for crop growth cannot be lacking,but if excessive fertilization is applied,it is harmful to crop growth,for example,excessive nitroggen element will delay crop flowering and reduce yield;excessive phosphorus element will cause crop respiration to be too strong and plant root growth to be too strong,so as to  inhibit the absorption of iron,manganese,zinc and other elements;excessive potassium element will make crop due to the uneven ion in the body.It affects the absorption of other cations(especially magnesium)and so on.Therefore,the correct use of fertilizer can improve the utilization rate of fertilizer,achieve the purpose of increasing efficiency,increasing production,reducing pollution,and it also is the inevitable requirement of developing efficient,green and sustainable agriculture.
organic fertilizer production line
The organic fertilizer equipment processes the excrement of livestock into organic fertilizer,which not only deals with the current increasingly serious problem of livestock pollution,but also it has the advantages of developing the requirements of ecological agricultrue,and it is also an important selection to promote the sustainable development of livestock breeding and ecological agriculture.The equipment design of the organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers has truly completed the development of the agricultural cycle.The agricultural organic waste is harmless treated by the bio organic fertilizer equipment.The design of the new organic fertilizer production line is more conducive to the harmless treatment.The organic fertilizer is mature and fermented.The used of the organic fertilizer equipment to process the organic fertilizer does not have to include the poultry manure,chicken manure and pig manure.Put wheat straw and corn straw into chicken manure and pig manure,use organic fertilizer equipment for harmless treatment,add microbial organic fertilizer to ferment bacterial agent to compost big feet,and produce mcrobial organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer granulator.Organic fertilizer equipment which it is usually to be used in the organic fertilizer production line is the most ideal harmless treatment method for agricultural wastes.
The special equipment for organic fertilizer has the advantages of low investment,simple operation and fully automatic production equipment.The development of agriculture can not be separated from the organic fertilizer equipment and the support of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers.Organic fertilizer equipment to deal with environmental pollution and use renewable resources to turn waste into treasure.The design sceme of organic fertilizer production line is gradually reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer,add the amount of compost,and finally achieve the goal of using only  compost without or as much as possible reducing the use of chemical fertilizer.The specifical equipment for organic fertilizer completes the real circular agriculture,green agriculture,sustainable agriculture,and promotes the ecology of the development of agriculture.

Besides the organic fertilizer production line to be designed and produced,the compound fertilizer is also to be designed in the npk fertilizer manufacturing proces,and at the same time,these fertilizer equipment are also to be designed and equipped in the fertilizer manufacturing process to finish the npk,fertilizer production process.