Why produce bio organic fertilizer?

The organic fertilizer which produced in the organic fertilizer production line,and compound fertilizer can be used in the farming industry,and the bio organic fertilizer is a new kind of organic fertilizer which is also to be produced by the fertilizer manufacturing technology and used in the farming.So why we use the bio organic fertilizer?
The introduction of the bio organic fertilizer:
Bio organic fertilizer refers to microbical(bacterial)fertilizer,referred to as bacterial fertilizer,it also known as microbial inoculant.It is produced by fermentation of microorganisms with specifical efficiency and contains a large number of benefical microorganisms.When applied to the soil,it can either fix nitrogen in the air or active nutrients in the soil,improve the nutrient environment of plants,or produce active substances in the life activities of microorganisms to stimulate specific microorganisms of plant growth.Biological fertilizer,chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer are important sources of fertilizer in agricultural production.
Function of biological fertilizer:
We can use the biofertilizer production line to produce the bio organic fertilizer granulator.What function of biological fertilizer has?
1.Improve soil fertility.This is the main function of biological fertilizer,for example,all kinds of self  generated,combined or symbiotic nitrogen fixing biological fertilizer can fix the nitrogen in the air and increase the nitrogen content in the soil;a variety of microorganisms that decompose phosphorus and potassium minerals,such as silcate bacterial,it can decompose potassium feldspar,mica and phosphate rock in the soil,so as to make the insoluble phosphorus and potassium effective.
2.Manufacture and assist crops to absorb nutrition.Some bacterial fertilizers can not only increase the effective nutrients of soil,but also produce a variety of hormones and vitamixs,so as to promote the growth of crops.
3.Enhance the resistance of plants.After inoculating some strains of biological fertilizer,they become the dominant bacteria in the rhizophere of crops due to their large-scale propagation in the roots of crops.They can secrete antibiotics against fungi and bacteria,so as to inhabit the growth of hyperactivity bacteria.
biofertilizer production
The main fertilizer equipment to be equipped in the bio fertilizer production line:
In the bio organic fertilizer production line,it is equipped with different type fertilizer equipment to finish the bio fertilizer manufacturing process.It is equipped with the fermentation compost turner machine,fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine,and fertilizer granulator machine and so on.Every series fertilizer machine to be designed for different type and model.Like the fertilizer granulator machine,in the bio fertilizer production line,we can use the disc granulator machine to produce the bioorganic fertilizer granulator,sometimes,the rotary drum granulator machine is also to be used to produce the bio organic fertilizer granulator,which this type fertilizer granulator machine usually to be used in the npk fertilizer manufacturing process.