Technical characteristics of fertilizer granulator machine in NPK manufacturing process

The processing efficiency of NPK manufacturing process fertilizer granulator can reach more than 90%. The material is processed by belt and secondary wheel, and it is safe and stable to use. In the process of using compound fertilizer granulator, attention should be paid to the high temperature of the equipment. In case of noise or high temperature of the reducer, it is necessary to stop the machine for maintenance immediately. In case of unstable operation of the equipment, it is necessary to note that To check the condition of the coupling, the following details.
Technical characteristics of fertilizer granulator machine in NPK manufacturing process
1. NPK manufacturing process of fertilizer granulator machine technical features, granulation rate of more than 90%, and has not completed the same specifications, can also enter the machine again for secondary processing, using less power can rotate the cylinder, the external use of wear-resistant steel production, effectively extended the use of equipment time.
Technical characteristics of fertilizer granulator machine in NPK manufacturing process
2. The reducer of the fertilizer granulator machine drives the belt through the motor. There is a small gear on the reducer shaft, which is exactly consistent with the teeth on the gear ring outside the machine body. The cylinder body and the reducer move in opposite direction. The materials are sent to the cylinder end by the silo or conveyor, and the materials in the cylinder are made into small granular materials. The materials that meet the requirements of the finished product are discharged from the material outlet at the other end During the shutdown operation, large-scale production can be realized.
3. The most power-saving supporting roller bracket is used for support. The bracket is made of high-quality carbon steel, which can fully bear the weight of the cylinder. Considering the large friction between the cylinder and the supporting wheel, more wear-resistant materials are specially used in this part. On the one hand, it can improve the safety of the equipment and improve the stability.
4. The transmission device is an important part for the machine to move. The gear ring on the cylinder is driven by the motor and reducer on the rack.
5. The frame is welded with professional high-quality channel steel which is not easy to deform, which makes the transmission device of the machine more safe and stable. It is a special molding machine which can be made by rolling materials through chemical reaction. Under the action of a certain liquid, the rolling of the cylinder can make the material and small particles squeeze into a sphere.