How to make straw into organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer production line can use straw to produce organic fertilizer. By adopting advanced composting fermentation technology and inoculating high-speed and high-efficiency fermentation agents, straw cellulose can be decomposed and transformed rapidly, and all kinds of pathogens, weed seeds and Ascaris eggs can be killed, and bio organic fertilizer with strong stability and complete nutrient types can be produced.

1. Crushing and mixing

Straw treatment should first crush the straw to a certain fineness, and then must add appropriate amount of poultry manure or sludge and other raw materials, adjust the C / N ratio and moisture of composting materials, or add bacteria and enzymes.

2. Fermentation

The first stage is the pre fermentation of the organic fertilizer production line, which can be carried out in the open air or in the fermentation device. Oxygen is supplied to the accumulation layer or fermentation device through the forced ventilation of turning pile. The main fermentation period of aerobic composting is about 3-10 days.
The second stage is post fermentation. The semi-finished products after the main fermentation are sent to the post fermentation process to further decompose the easily decomposed organic matter and the more difficult to decompose in the main fermentation process, so as to turn them into stable organic matter such as humic acid and amino acid, so as to obtain fully decomposed organic fertilizer products. The post fermentation time is usually more than 20-30 days.
How to make straw into organic fertilizer
3. Further processing
After treatment, it can be further dried, crushed, and then processed into special organic and inorganic compound fertilizer for crops.

4. Storage

Storage compost is usually used in spring and autumn, and must be stored in summer and winter. The storage method can be directly stacked in fermentation tank or bagged, which requires dry and breathable.

It is suggested to select appropriate equipment configuration for organic fertilizer production line according to its own investment status. It can be used as granular fertilizer and powder fertilizer. Equipment selection: if you want to reduce the investment cost, you can choose small-scale equipment configuration: pulverizer, mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, screening machine, packaging machine, etc. The investment scale will be expanded when the opportunity is ripe in the future.