The raw material and treatments of organic fertilizer

The material of organic fertilizer is which the organic fertilizer can make fertilizer also know as farm manure.with widely resource, large amount, all nutrient ,low concent characteristics . late and long manurial effect ,the plant can absorb after micoorganism decomposition and transfermation ;improve soil and increase fertilizer will be effective.

Main species:

Raw marerial of organic fertilizer can classify with following kinds:

1.Agriculture wast:  crop straw,bean pulp.mushroom residue,biogas residue,fungus chaff,ligin slag and so on.

2.Livestock manure:chicken manure ,cow sheep and horse manure ,rabbit manure;

3. Industry waste: distiller's grains, vinegar residue ,manioc waste ,candy pomace , furfural dregs etc.

4. Household waste :such as kitchen waste

5.Municipal sludge :such as river silt, sewer silt etc.

China organic fertilizer raw material classified catalogue :mushroom residue, laminaria residue, phosphocitric acid slag,manioc waste, furfural dregs,amino acid humic acid, oil residue,shell powder etc ,sideline in peanut hull powder.

6.The development and utilization of biogas slurry renewal is one important contend of biogas promotion.Acrroding to years of test indicate, the utilization of biogas slurry renewal has many efficacy on fertilize the soil, pest control, increase production.

Four sort

1,Livestock manure:such as chicken manure

Chicken manure is more singleness, It 's will have very big harm and hidden danger if chicken manure is applied to the crop directly without treated or composted

2.Municipal sludge :such as river silt, sewer silt etc

Sludge contains large amount of chemical residues and  difficult to dehydration because of high internal moisture ration. very complex component ,high content of harmful substance and has certain particularity such as viscosity.

3.Household waste: such as kitchen waste etc

the waste contain large amount of microorganism is where the germs ,virus,pets can breeds in ,and seriously harmful to human health, garbage exudation changes soil composition and structure and toxic waste will affect on human health through food chain. garbage destroys the structure and physicochemical properties of the soil so that soil fertility and water retention greatly reduced

4. Industry waste: distiller's grains, vinegar residue ,manioc waste ,candy pomace , furfural dregs etc.

After industrial waste is produced, the harmful component easy to pollute the ground, may further endanger human health when pathogenic micro-organisms and other harmful material of the polluted soil fellow natural rainfall,run off or seepage into water. Industry solid waste also can destroys the ecological balance within the soil. soil is where many microorganism such as germs and fungus can aggregate.
industry solid waste, especially harmful solid waste can kill the microorganism in soil,which make the soil loses its ability to decay resulting in the loss of vegetation

Organic fertilizer raw material must be decomposed before being used as organic fertilizer

Rotten characteristics:

The quality of Agricultural organic material(raw material) is a comprehensive index to indentify the quality of organic fertilizer which can judge by color ,smell, straw hardness ,compost leachate, composting size CN ratio and humification coefficient.

(1 )Acrroding to the color and semll ,the straw of decomposed compost turn brown or dark brown, with black liquid and ammonia smell. the content of ammonium nitrogen was significantly increasd when the ammonium reagent was used.
(2) Straw hardness, hold the compost in hand, it's soft and elastic when warm and crisp in dry ,easy to break, organic matter loses its elasticity
(3) Compost leachate, add the water to matured compost then stir(proportion 1:5-10) sit for 3-5min and then the leachate is light yellow
(4) Composting size 2/3-1/2 smaller than the start
(5) Carbonitride normally proportion is 20-30:1 (25:1 is the best)
(6) Humification coefficient . about 30

Compost achieve the above indicators is high quality compost with good fertilizer efficiency, organic fertilizer production can be carried out after composting,We are a leading producer of organic fertilizer machine  and production linesin China.  Our organic fertilizer machine and organic fertilizer production lines sold all over the world.

Danger of not ripening:

Mainly manifest in:

1.  Infect plant disease and inspect pests. manure contain coliform ,nematoda and other bacteria and pests. direct use can cause the spread of disease and inspect pets, crop disease,
and has an effect on human health for the people who eat the agriculture products. It's easy to breed germs and pets and led to cause crop disease when unspoiled organic material fermentate in the soil.
2. Fermentation burning seedlings. after applied to the fields, when the fermentation conditions are meet the requirement the unfermented manure and other organic materia will ferment in microbial activity .when the fermentation part is nearly to the root and the crop plant are samll,. the heat produce from fermentation will effct the crop growth, burn down the root of the crop an led the plant to die in a serious case.
3. Gas harm
4. The soil hypoxia .Organic material consumes oxygen in soil during decomposition process and make soil in hypoxia condition temporarily which inhibit the growth of crops
5. Slow manurial effect.Nutrients of organic fertilizer that unfermented are mostly organic or slow action state which cannot be absorb and utilize directly by the crop only when the decomposition turns into a available state. So applied directly to unfermented organic fertilizer can slow down the manurial effect.
6. Direct use without treatment,fecal volume is big and the active ingredient are low,inconvenient to transport,high cost of use 

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