How to Choose Suitable Fertilizer Granulator ?  


How to Choose Suitable Fertilizer Granulator ?  

Granulator is an important part in organic fertilizer production line and copound fertilizer production line and widely used in mordern fertilizer industry. The qulity of granulation determined the appearence and price.Our company-Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industy Technology Co .ltd has years of professional production exprience on fertilizer granulation production line and win a high reputation from customers in home and abroad.

How to choose a suit grannulator?

1.Granulator has its diffirient production in fertilizer industy:
(1),Organic fertilizer granulator
Main produtce :new type organic type two in one organic granulator,ring granulator, flat granulator.

(2).Compound fertilizer granulator
Main product:double roller press granulator,disc granulator ,rotary granulator.hyraulic roller granulator.
Disc granulator and rotary granulator both suit this two line

2,In factly,wheather the granulator is suitable we can aslo acoording to the raw materails,material moisture ,and the size or shape of the prodcution.
The materials of organic fertilizer granulator are very common:such as agriculture waste ,livestock manure, industry waste,household waste,municipal sludge etc,and because of the larger quanlity so the granulation demand is greater .
Different granulator has different demand to the raw material,such as roller press granulator which is widely use in fertilizer processing industry,feed production units and chemical industry for powder material granulation,production,
It’s a part of compound fertilizer line which adopts to No-trying technology,granulating at normal temperature,forming one time ,but the material moisture needs≤15%,2%-5% is perfect.
On the other hand ,if the shape of production is strict,

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