Cow manure organic fertilizer production line

 Cow manure as the fertilizer is the most commonly used method in the tradition.When cow manure is used as fertrilizer,the self purification ability of the soil can be applied,and the cow manure can be directly applied to the farmland without any treatment,which will save labor cost.But the traditional method will waste a lot of time and cost.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,using the newest method and using the technology to produce the organic fertilizer will produce the organic fertilizer higher efficient.
When cow manure is used as fertilizer,the self purification ability of the soil can be applied,and the cow manure can be directly applied to the farmland without any treatment,which will save labor and cost.Howeveer,it is easy to pollute the environment and spread diseases and insect pests.According to relevant data,in some place,the pollution of cow dung to the environment has exceeded the total amount of industrial pollution.A cow produces more than 7 tons of feces per year,and a yellow cow produces between 5-6 tons of feces.Therefore,through the organic fertilizer production line using the fertilizer manufacturing technology of cow manure organic fertilizer production line,cow manure is made into organic fertilizer,so that the fertilizer effect is better and the environmental pollution will be reduced.Using the different type fertilizer equipment to produce the cow manure organic fertilizer granulator will save more labor cost.
organic fertilizer production line
Production process of cow manure organic fertilizer production line:
1.Fermentation:put the cow dung and cow urine on the mobile phone,mix with hay and rotten silage to make compost,and let it ferment.
2.Ingredient crushing and mixing:the composted materials,N,P,K and other inorganic fertilizers and other additivies are crushed.
3.Granulation:use a new type of organic fertilizer granulator machine to granulation materials,which this type fertilizer equipment is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator or bio organic fertilizer granulator.It also can be equipped in the biofertilizer production line.
4.Screening and return system:The particles output ffrom the pelletilizing and forming sustem have certain differences in particle size,which requires screening and classification.The selected rotary screener machine is required to have small vibration,low noise,convenient screen changing,and equipped with a drying surface cleaning device.
5.Drying:use the organic fertilizer dryer to further remove the moisture content of the screener particles to meet the standard requirements of the moisture content of the organic fertilizer,drying and improving the particle forming.
6.Cooling:use a cooler to cool the granular materials,which helps to store the heat output by the dryer with good quality,while the granular materials enter into the cooler from above.Under the effect of the cooling fan,the dry air enters from the lower part of the cooler and fully exchanges cold and heat with the hot and humid particles from above.
Packaging:the cooled granular materials are transposted to the finished product warehouse through the bucket elevator.
The above is the production process of cattle manure organic fertilizer production line.This process is a complete granular organic fertilizer production process.According to the production process of orgnanic fertilizer,the production process will be different depending on the application.In the growth process of crops,we must pay attention of organic fertilizer and then use it.In this way,we can get rid of our germs,so that they will not pollute bandits and can be more scientific to eliminate germs.