Production of the organic fertilizer

 In recent years with the large scale-and intensive development of the aquaculture industry,the wat=ste if manure and urine produced by aquaculture has seriously polluted the living environment of the surrounding people,such as air,soil and so on.Compared with the past mode,it is true that the large-scale and intensive feeding mode has brought greater economic benefits,but it also caused a large number of concentration of breeding waste,occupying the limited space resources of the farm.Due to improper treatment of breeding waste,it has brought great harm to the surrounding natural environment and residents' health.In view of this,it is an effective way to solve the problem of pollution and form a new economic growth point to process these farming wastes into organic fertilizer through the organic fertilizer production equipment and realize the recycling of resources.The organic fertilizer granulator can be produced in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process using the fertilizer manufacturing technology.In the organic fertilizer production line,it is equipped with different type fertilizer equipment to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.
Animal manure contains a lot of amino acids and organic matter,as well as nutrients such as nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium required for plant growth.These nutrients can improve the physical and chemical properties of soil,activate the soil,and greatly  improve the continuous production capacity of the soil.Compared with the soil degradation caused by large-scale application of chemical fertilizer for one-side pursuit of yield in the past,these nutrients have become more important.A good way to improve the soil.Nowdays,people's living standard is improving day by day,and the requirements for vegatables,fruits and other food are added with organic labels.The demand for organic food is increasing,and the organic fertilizer produced by livestock and polutry manure will have a lot of use.The use of organic fertilizer production equipment to produce the organic fertilzier has become a new investment hotspot.The following is a brief introduction to the factors releated to the purchase of fertilizer equipment.
organic fertilizer production line
1.Organic fertilizer raw materials
According to the different raw materilals and processing technology of organic fertilizer,it can be roughly divided into compost,retting,manure,biogas fertilizer,green fertilizer,straw fertilizer and other organic fertilizers.Compost refers to a kind of organic fertilizer,which is composed of crop straw,manure and animal carcasses,rice husk,grass and a small amount of soil.The difference between retting and composting is the organic manure which is produced by fermentation under the condition of flooding,and the raw materials used are the same compost.The raw materials used for the manure are the manure of livestock and polutry and the beeding materials in the shed,which are made of compost.The raw material of biogas fertilizer is the same as that of compost.The biogas production,Green manure uses green plants as fertilizer.Straw fertilizer raw materials include corn,rice and other crop straws.Under suitable conditions,through the role of soil microorganisms,the elements in straw are miceralized back to the soil and reabsorbed by crops.There are other organic fertilizers,such as cake,sludge and so on,which can be processed into organic fertilizer through the organic fertilizer production equipment.
2.Process of organic fertilizer production line
The organic fertilizer manufacturing process generally adopts different technology according to different production scal.Large scale farms and specialized organic fertilizer production enterprise can adopt commerical organic fertilizer production process,and realize the commericialization of cultivation,the small-scale farms need a large amount of funds to invest in a set of organic fertilizer equipment,so the livestock manure produced is purchased by large farms of fertilizer factories.Some farmeers choose to produce powder products.Although powder has an advantage over particle in the price of organic fertilizer,there is not a big gap between powder and particle fertilizer in terms of fertilizer efficiency,and they will get a place in the market.Of course,for farms or fertilizer manufacturers with large capital strength,a complete granular organic fertilizer production line is the final choice,especially in the high-end organic fertilizer market,bio organic fertilizer is more sough after by people,so it also promotes the continuous update and improvement of the organic fertilizer production equipment,processing the bio organic fertilizer with higher quality.
In the organic fertilzier production industry,the raw materials of organic fertilizer present diversity,and the corresponding organic fertilizer production equipment also has certain suitability for various materials.From the fermentation of raw materials to the lated production,we should reasonably configure the required organic fertilizer equipment.In order to ensure the normal operation of each equipment in the processing process,we also need to properly treat the organic fertilizer raw materials to make them meet the processing conditions required by the fertilizer production equipment.

We are as the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we designed different type fertilizer production line,the manure not only can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator,it also can be used in the bio fertilizer production line to produce the bio organic fertilizer granulator.Using the different type fertilizer machines to produce the organic fertilizer granulator or inorganic fertilizer granulator.