Production equipment and development of compound fertilizer

 The compound fertilizer is the main development direction in the filed of chemical industry.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,making the compound fertilizer we can use different type and series fertilizer equipment to finish the production process.
Compound fertilizer give full play to the original fertilizer types and overcomes the shortcomings of some original fertilizer types.First of all,the compound fertilizer will develop towards high concentration,which will increase the concentration of compound fertilizer and the content of effective nutrients in compound fertilizer.
Compound fertilizer will develop in the direction.It refers to the difference of climate,soil,crops or characteristics in different regions,and the role of R&D and production of fertilizer specially adapted to the actual needs of different regions to achieve the optimal allocation of resources.The compound fertilizer equipment can produce fertilizer according to the formula,which can also avoid the situation that the fertilizer raw materials used in different areas are the same but not suitable for the needs of different areas,resulting in the waste of resources.Special compound fertilizer has certain requirements for the production formula of compound fertilizer equipment.
The quality of fertilizer is the key factor to the growth of crops.Its performance is reliable.Professional fertilizer equipment can ensure the quality of compound fertilizer.Disc granulation production line,rotary drum granulation production line equipment,which this production line can be called organic fertilizer production line to make organic fertilizer production line.Roller extrusion granulation production line equipment can be free to prepare raw marerials proportion,which is suitable for large-scale production of low,medium and high concentration of compound fertilizer.The fertilizer equipment structure is simple,easy to maintain,high granulation rate,wide rande of raw material application,which is the best choice for compound fertilizer production.
In npk fertilizer manufacturing process,using the different type and series automatic fertilizer equipment to finish the production process is higher efficient.

Although the npk ,compound fertilizer to be used,sometimes,the compound fertilizer is to be mix uses with the organic fertilizer which to be produced by the organic fertilizer production line.The mix using of the compound fertilizer with the organic fertilizer play some effective on the soil and increase the growth of the plants.