Differences of organic fertilizer equipment and inorganic fertilizer equipment

 Fertilizer type can be divided into different type and series,organic fertilizer ,organic-inorganic fertilizer,compound fertilizer and so on.They can be produced by using different type and series fertilizer equipment.What differences between these fertilizer?
Organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is a kind of compound fertilizer containing both organic matter and chemical fertilizer.It is a kind of fertilizer which can be obtained by innocuous and effective treatment of manure,peat and other organic materials through microbial fermentation,adding appropriate amount of fertilizer,humic acid,amino acid and so on,granulating or directly mixing.This type fertilizer can be produced in the compound,npk fertilizer manufacturing process.
Organic fertilizer is a kind of slow effect fertilizer formed by fermentation of animal and plant residues,excrement and biological waste.The main component of organic fertilizer is organic matter.After being applied into the soil,it can continuously release various nutrients for plants to absorb through microbial decomposition,which can provide comprehensive nutrition for crops with long fertilizer effect.Organic fertilizer is the main material to improve the soil.It can enhance the ability of soil water and fertilizer conservation,increase the plant yield and improve the quality.It is the main nutrient of green food production.It is to be designed the organic fertilizer production line to make the organic fertilizer.In the fertilizer production line,it is to be equipped with different type and series fertilizer equipment to make the organic fertilizer.
Bio organic fertilizer,which to be produced in the biofertilizer production process,is a kind of fertilizer which is compounded by adding specific functional microorganisms into organic fertilizer.The function of bio organic fertilizer is to increase soil nutrients and improve soil biological activity.Bio organic fertilizer contains functional bacteria and organic matter,which can improve the soil and promote the release of nutrients fixed by the soil.
organic fertilizer production line
Nutrient content
All of them are rich in organic matter,which can improve soil structure and increase soil nutrients.Both organic-inorganic compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer contain a certain amount of nitrogen,phosphoorus and potassium.Generally,the bio organic fertilizer does not contain NPK.
Organic and inorganic compound fertilizer:the content of organic matter in organic and inorganic compound fertilizer shall not be less than 20%,and the total NPK shall not be less than 15%.
Organic fertilizer:the content of organic matter in organic fertilizer shall not be less than 30%,the total NPK shall not be less than 4%,and not more than 15%.
Fertilizer equipmrnt to be used in fertilizer manufacturing process:Granulators such as organic fertilizer granulator,disc granulator and drum granulator can be used in organic fertilizer production line and bio organic fertilizer producion line.The two in one organic fertilizer granulator is an important fertilizer granulator machine in the production line of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer.