Process of small-scale bio organic fertilizer equipment plant treating bio organic fertilizer


The promotion of chemical fertilizers has played a key role in increasing agricultural production and income. However, for many years, due to the long-term application of chemical fertilizers, the lack of organic fertilizers and the imbalance of various nutrients in the soil, the farmland ecological environment, soil physical and chemical properties and soil microbial flora have been damaged to varying degrees, and the quality of agricultural products has also been affected to a certain extent. Chemical fertilizer pollution has become a major public hazard in the world today.

The technical route for the development of bio organic fertilizer processed by organic fertilizer equipment is an active fertilizer source with beneficial soil microorganisms (including fungi with the functions of fixing nitrogen, dissolving phosphorus, dissolving potassium and stimulating the growth and disease resistance of crops) as the core, and a compound bio active fertilizer composed of organic matter, inorganic matter and trace elements as the matrix carrier. The microbial core part and matrix carrier can be combined according to local conditions in different regions and different soil fertility conditions. For example, the soil in China is generally deficient in nitrogen, i.e. nitrogen fixing bacteria are the core, phosphorus bacteria and potassium bacteria are added in the areas lacking phosphorus and potassium, and disease-resistant nitrogen fixing bacteria can be added in the areas with soil disease hazards to make special fertilizers of various dosage forms.

The production raw materials are high-quality livestock and poultry feces, pure natural peat and fermentation bacteria, which are produced through fermentation. Small scale bio organic fertilizer plants can adopt simple production process to reduce investment and production cost.

Organic fertilizer equipment: according to the production characteristics of biological organic fertilizer, the plant configuration and simple production process shall be equipped with complete sets of special equipment for organic fertilizer production and processing. The specific equipment includes pulverizer, stacker, screening machine, conveyor, metering and packaging machine, etc. if granulation is required, a mixer and a granulator shall be added.

Organic fertilizer crusher: it is used for the crushing of materials, which is convenient for the uniform mixing of subsequent materials and strains, sufficient fermentation and granulation.           

Organic fertilizer mixer: used for the full mixing of various materials and bacteria.

Organic fertilizer composter: it is a special equipment for tank fermentation, with the functions of tipping, material transfer and dehydration to ensure the full fermentation of mixed materials. It is the key equipment for industrialized production of organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer granulator: it is used for the granulation of organic fertilizer to meet the needs of different agronomy and crops.

Organic fertilizer screening machine: screen impurities, improve the purity of organic fertilizer, or screen particles suitable for agronomic requirements.

Organic fertilizer conveyor: it is used for transporting materials into and out of the warehouse and transferring organic fertilizer.