Treatment of livestock manure pollution by domestic organic fertilizer equipment and methods of producing organic fertilizer


Livestock and poultry excrement will cause great harm to the air, water and soil. The production of antagonistic bio organic fertilizer by using livestock and poultry manure can avoid the impact of livestock and poultry manure on the environment to the maximum extent, and it is extremely environmentally friendly to recycle livestock and poultry manure for the second time.

Livestock manure treatment equipment can treat livestock manure into organic fertilizer in a short time, so it is also called organic fertilizer production equipment. During the operation of the equipment system, the feces and ingredients of poultry and livestock are sent to the mixing mixer according to the specified ratio for mixing and mixing to make them uniform, and then they are further mixed by the screw conveyor and sent to the main machine pressure mixer. Through the pressure friction of the pressure mixer, the temperature of the mixture in the machine will rise automatically, killing or inhibiting low-temperature bacteria, killing Ascaris eggs and harmful bacteria, and then providing appropriate air and water, To create suitable conditions for high-temperature bacteria fermentation, complete rapid fermentation, then smash and loosen it by a pulverizer, and finally send it to the stacking yard for stacking, that is, to become organic fertilizer.

The organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer equipment technology is thoroughly fermented, and no secondary fermentation will occur after application. It can improve the soil and enhance the soil fertility. It not only overcomes the shortcomings of poor quality and many harmful substances of general farm manure, but also overcomes the disadvantages of soil hardening and soil fertility reduction caused by the application of chemical fertilizer, so as to restore the soil vitality and enrich the soil.

At present, there are several methods for domestic organic fertilizer equipment to treat livestock manure pollution and produce organic fertilizer. One is to use fermentation bacteria for stacking fermentation. This method has high cost, long fermentation time and large land area. Another method is to use the traditional environmental protection treatment project for treatment. Although this method can achieve the purpose of pollution control, it has a large one-time investment and high operation and management costs. The third method is a single drying method. This method is mainly used for drying chicken manure. It is not only limited in application, but also can cause secondary air pollution and fail to meet the environmental protection requirements. If it is equipped with environmental protection treatment equipment, the cost will be very high.