Difference of processing powdery and granular by organic fertilizer equipment

 The organic fertilizer production line is designed to produce the organic fertilizer granulator or organic fertilizer powdery.But what differences of processing powdery and granular organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer equipment?
As the process part of the granular organic fertilizer equipment,the main process means of the powdered organic fertilizer equipment are as follows:the organic fertilizer raw materials,livestock manure or domestic garbage,sludge,destiller's grains,biogas residue,etc,can be fermented,decomposed,crushed and mixed for packaging.The basic process configuration of organic fertilizer equipment is dehydration,drying,fermentation,grinding,mixing and packaging.In this way,the processing of powdered organic fertilizer is completed compared with the simple technology of powdery fertilizer,granular organic fertilizer needs further processing.The basic process configuration of granular organic fertilizer machine is dehydration,drying,fermentation ,crushing,mizing,granulation,cooling and packaging.It is necessary to configure organic fertilizer granulator,organic fertilizer dryer and organic fertilizer coating machine.After mechanical cooling,the granulator can be packaged,stored or sold each process system and equipment of organic fertilizer manufacturing process:
1.Fermentation system:the fermentation system of organic fertilizer production process is composed of feed conveyor.biological deodorizer,mixing mixer,special elevating dumping machine and electrical automatic control system;
2.Drying system:Mainly equipped with belt conveyor,rotary dryer,cooler,included draft fan,hot blast furnace,etc.
3.Deodorization dust system:composed of settling chamber,dust chamber etc.
4.Crushing system:including ew semi-wet material crusher,LP chain crusher or cage crusher etc.
The organic fertilizer production line of producing  organic fertilizer powdery:
organic fertilizer powdery production
5.Batching system includes electronic batching system,disc feedeer,vibrating screen,which can be congigured with 6-8 kinds of raw materials at one time.
6.Mixing system has optional horizontal mixer or disc mixer,vibrating screen,mobile type.The belt conveyor and other components.
7.The organic fertilizer granulation system needs to use the granulator equipment.The optional granulator equipment includes:organic fertilizer compound fertilizer combined fertilizer combined granulator,roller press granulator,disk granulator,specifical  granulator for organic fertilizer,throwing round machine and so on.
8.Drying system:the organic fertilizer drying system is composed of rotary dryer and cooler.
9.Screening and coating system:Mainly composed of roller screening machine to complete,it can be set up a screening machine,two screening machine,so that the yield is higher,particles better;after screening can be used to protect the fertility and do not distribute 10 finished product packaging system generally includes electronic quantitative packaging scale,bin,automatic sewing machine,etc.In this way,the full automatic and non-stop production of organic fertilizer equipment can be realized;the conveyor system mostly adopts belt conveyor and screw conveyor.
The fertilizer manufacturing process of producing organic fertilizer granulator:
organic fertilizer production line
The complete fertilizer manufacturing process is around these process and the machines are used to finish the production process.As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturer in China,we are not only designed the organic fertilizer production line,we also designed the biofertilizer production line to produce the bioorganic fertilizer granulator.