The fuinction of the bio organic fertilizer granulator

We can produce the bio fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer manufacturing technology,in the fertilizer manufacturing process it is equipped with different type fertilizer equipment to finish the bio fertilizer production.For finishing the biofertilizer production,the fertilizer machine manufacturers designed complete fertilizer production line to finish the biofertilizer production lines.
In the biofertilizer production line,it is equipped with fertilizer granulator machine to finish the fertilizer granulator producation.The bioorganic fertilizer granulator is a new kind of organic fertilizer granulator,the fertilizer manufacturing process smoetimes it has some differences from  the organic fertilizer production line.
Why we produce the bioorganic fertilizer granulator?The function of the bio organic fertilizer:
The function of bio organic fertilizer the function of bio organic fertilizer is also due to the different types of microorganisms which can be summarized as follows.
1.Nitrogen fixation,such as nodules and nitrogen fixing bacteria,it can fix nitrogen in the air and provide nitrogen nutriention for growth under suitable environmental conditions.It is estimated that the amount of biological fixed nitrogen in the world can reach 101 million tons per year.
2.Nutrient releasing microorganisms decomposes some substances in soil that are difficult to be absorbed and utilized by crops into effective nutrients that can be absorbed and utilized by crops.For example, silicate bacteria can not only decompose the refractory minerals such as potassium feldspar and mica in the soil,release the fixed potassium,but also promote the insolible phosphorus in the soil to be converted into the form that can be used by crops.
3.The effect of microbial fertilizer on the growth of the soil not only increase the nutrient content of the soil,but also promotes the synthesis of various vitamixs,enzymes and other substances conducive to the growth of growth of crops,stimulates the growth of crop,and help crops absorb nutrients.
biofertilizer production
4.After inoculating some microorganisms in the resistant soil,they propagate in the roots of crops in large numbers,and become the dominant bacteria in the rhizosphere of crops in a period of time,which inhibits or reduces the breeding opportunities of pathogenic microorganisns,and some microorganisms also have resistances to pathogenic microorganisms.Although microbial fertilizer can provide nutrients for crop growth and stimulate and promote crop growth,its role is limited after all.In crop production,organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer,which it can beproduced in the npk fertilizer manufacturing process,are mainly used to provide nutrients for crop growth.
5.There are many benefical microorganisms in many natural materials,but once these materials are applied to the soil,the microorganisms in them will be eaten by countless microorganisms in the soil.Therefore,it can not survive stably in the soil,and its effect is difficult to show.However,if the benefical bacteria are added to the fermented organic fertilizer,the fermented organic fertilizer itself to expand the culture medium,so as to make a large number of bacteria proliferation.At this time,the microbial organic fertilizer is applied to the soil to form a dominant population in the soil,which can play a good role in the root system of crops.Fermented organic fertilizer has a good effect on microbial activity.
fertilizer equipment
More other type fertilizer equipment  are designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers to produce the organic or inorganic fertilizer granulator.Using the fertilizer machine to fiinsih the fertilizer manufacturing process improve the working efficient,it also save the waste of the raw materials.